An idea to further "personalize" the funimation experience for the subscribers…

  • I'm sure a bunch of people have asked a 24/7 streaming channel and i understand that is could be costly beyond what members but pay, so how about an idea like this instead:

    why not allow us, the paying members, to create a pseudo-channel of our own for the apps we have for the different consoles and roku?

    You could give us an option to create a personalized playlist with all our favorite shows and when we hit play, it will play through everything we added - each show playing in sequential order OR having the option to shuffle the shows (for the live channel feel we're all looking for); the "channel" could play the shows in an endless loop, until exiting. In between every 4 or 5 episodes, perhaps you could have a 5 - 10 second still screen or maybe a brief Funimation ad for an available show, relative to the selected shows/genres featured in the list - this will help people branch out to more shows that they may now have thought to consider otherwise. I do some video editing and I wouldn't mind helping to make some interesting, fun, and enticing short ads for you guys for shows

    honestly, I don't personally mind having some commercials in between the shows in that case - it gives you some time to get up and pee or get food without having to pause and break the channel immersion :)

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