One Piece Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

  • Just like with the Bleach thread, I figured I'd start up a thread for One Piece's manga discussion, since I'm kinda surprised we didn't already have one.

    With One Piece, my history is equally long, just in a different way than with Bleach. I first became aware of One Piece through the 4Kids version…and it's safe to say I hated it. Nay, I loathed it. I made the mistake of assuming what I was seeing there was in any way representative of what the series really was. It wasn't until the FUNi version came out, which I initially looked into just to hear some of my favorite actors in something new, that I became interested in the series. I watched it from the beginning via their dub, and then got into the manga from there, and now I'm caught up on it week-by-week…and so here we'll discuss such events. :P

    One Piece, I have a bit of a harder time following this way than I do other manga though. If I have one complaint about this series, it's how there's often way too much going on in a panel at a time, and even the most minute detail could turn out to be important. It's mind boggling, really. That said though, I still really enjoy the story and characters.

    As for this week's chapter, the first after a brief hiatus on Oda's part...well, pretty much the norm of 'too much going on for me to really comment on' sadly. :P I'm mainly just waiting to see Luffy get to fight Doflamingo all ready, but at the same time, I am pretty interested to see what Sabo is capable of too.

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