Bleach Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

  • So seeing as how we have one for Naruto, I figured I'd make a thread for Bleach since it didn't appear to have one just yet. Hopefully I'm not the only one still keeping up to date with it anyway, right? :P

    Anyway, up front I should say I've had a long history with Bleach, filled with lots of ups and downs. I first got into it fairly early on, when Japan even was still in the Soul Society arc I think, and up through that arc, I managed to keep up and have every single volume put out here. I sort of fell off of it again for a while in the next arc, which seemed fitting since…I...have discovered that I don't quite like the series as much moving onward either. The whole Aizen debacle had a disappointing end IMO, the arc after that was looking pretty good but then got cut way too short IMO, and the 'war' arc we're in now keeps going up and down in terms of quality for me as well. That said though, I'm still a fan and want to see the series to the end, so onward I read.

    Which brings us to the latest chapter that just came out. Things have certainly been picking up again ever since Kenpachi came back and in true badass style, laid some butt-kicking down on some Quincies. Ichigo finally coming back to the forefront is nice too, especially now that we finally get to see his new fighting style in action. And it's finally revealed, at least partially (I think there's more to it myself) why Ichigo's return was so important for the Quincy's king too. Ichigo and Renji's banter when Renji shows up to 'save' him too is pretty good. And then the true awesomeness that is Ikkaku returns! ...Oh yeah, and Yumichika, Byakuya, Rukia, and Shuhei too, I guess. :P

    So that's that, the latest chapter. Talk about that, any recent chapters, your feelings on where Bleach has been going for a while now, and all that jazz, here guys!

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