Does anyone like The End Of Evangelion?

  • A lot of people have seen NGE but have they seen the ending. No, not the last two episodes of the TV series but the film 'End Of Evangelion" was a controversial one for the fans. It was depressing, It was unexpected, and I like it somehow. Fans didn't like it at first but they gave in to the fact that it was this movie or the last two episodes. This leads to this question. "Does anyone like The End Of Evangelion?" Has anyone saw it and said "I kinda like this?

  • I loved it.

  • Loved it, felt like my brain had been through a blender, but i still love it

  • Seen it plenty of times. Its gonna fuck your mind at first but after a few rewatches, you understand it more and appreciate it better. Anyway great movie. One of the greatest movies to ever grace a tv screen. 10/10 for me along with the series. Don't think anybody likes Evangelion. You either love it or you hate it. My only gripe is that the ending was real ambigious and i wanna know what happens. So hopefully we get some closure with 4.44.

  • I know one thing for sure, Rei will probably cry a river IF Shinji ever dies or becomes Darth Ikari and kills most of the cast.

  • I was very happy when Evangelion ended. ~_^

  • I remember the first time watching End of Evengelion. I left feeling sooo weird with all of these thoughts left in my head. As far as animation goes, I think that it is stellar but the story takes some interpretation. Like FLCL, for example, it seems pointless at first but once you understand it it is just utterly brilliant. If some company somewhere cough funimation decided to release it on blu-ray I would totally get it. But for sure it is definitely one of those movies that you just can't show to anyone (unless you want their head to explode). After watching it a couple of times I gradually developed an appreciation for it and in the end I think it's a must watch if you are any self-respecting anime fan… just don't watch it with your parents.

  • For sure! End of Eva is one of my favorite movies. There's nothin like it. I'm one of the very few that actually like the original eps 25 and 26 as well. Love that I got both. It sucked people were so upset about those episodes but I'm glad at the same time cause if not we wouldn't have gotten End of Eva.

  • The End of Evangelion is an absolute masterpiece. Neon Genesis Evangelion looks mediocre in comparison!

  • The problem with the Manga Entertainment release was the glare. Who had this problem?

  • The End of Evangelion was the worst thing I ever watched

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