DeathNote (Highly recommend!!)

  • This show is just plan awesome. Contains many plots and twists that keeps you guessing and on edge! enjoyed this show to the fullest all the way to the last episode!! Please watch; a Viz company production & s currently on Netflix as well to check out n Eng Dub.

    if you watch or have watched DeathNote please share your thoughts and feelings towards this series & especially if you liked it spread the word for those looking for a good show to watch!

  • I watched Death Note when Toonami was simulcasting the dub about 7 or 8 years ago. Each episode had such brilliant and complex twists and turns. It was just genius for a cat and mouse story. This show has been and always will be on the top of my favorites and recommendations list. If you like the show, check out the two OVA movies called Re:Light and the 3 live action movies ( just blew your mind, right Dude?) . You can also see the voice of L, Allesandro Juliani in most Canadian made shows. Smallville, Continuum, and The 100 just off the top of my head.

    My only gripe is with Viz's release. When watching the dub, it doesn't subtitle what Light writes in the Death Note like it was on Toonami. This sucks because it takes away from the viewer's perception.

    Thanks for posting this thread. This is an oldie but I'm glad people are still finding it and loving it enough to spread the word.

  • Yea I know it was released back in 2006 but Funi nor Animenetworks have it in their licenses as of current so it's name really can't get out there unless people do some extensive searching for good shows. I was ecstatic to see Netflix bring it back and add it to their streaming! I hope more people decide to check out that beautifully executed, winding twisting of multiple plots story. Thanks for adding to post!

  • VIZ has the rights to Death Note, not Funimation, and the DVDs are still available, as is the manga.

    So yeah, people don't really have to do extensive research, just use some common sense and a quick google search, shows not that old. XD

    Also it was on [Adult Swim] NOT Toonami, Toonami was still on regular CN at the time.

  • Death Note is still the most popular anime on MAL, and rated 24th. I don't think it really needs an internet campaign.

  • It's been quite some time since I had last seen Deathnote, it is a most enjoyable series. It has a great dynamic between Light And L as to who has the upper hand and how it keeps trading off. There's some good moral ambiguity touched on, although, it seems more like an overarching theme depending upon who the audience is cheering for.

    So, overall, I think it's a really good series and I recommend it to anyone.

  • started it years ago, and have not finished it. lost interest when a certain member of the alphabet died. think i left off when Sayu was kidnapped

  • I was amazed by how much Death Note did while still being able to be classified as shounen. Sherlock Holmes with a supernatural twist. No heroes, just two anti-heroes who are two sides of the same sociopathic coin. Though I hate to use the phrase, Death Note "subverted tropes" with its female cast.

    I'm astonished that this hasn't gotten a bluray remaster, though it deserves a real one and not another hack "upscale" from Madhouse like Black Lagoon's bluray is.

    Death Note is on a very exclusive list of anime where

    ! the "villain", if you can really call him that, wins, albeit with a caveat.

    started it years ago, and have not finished it. lost interest when a certain member of the alphabet died. think i left off when Sayu was kidnapped

    Except for a few notable scenes you haven't missed much, even if you have managed to avoid seeing the ending sequence through other means. The series really could have ended just before the time skip.

  • I fully intended to watch it during its hype, but as it happened, certain over-zealous fans managed to spoil the show for me to such a degree, that I just scratched it off the list. No point in seeing a series when you know how it ends, and every little thing in between.

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