Railgun S DUB First impressions

  • I've been holding out on watching this till it got dubbed because I watched season 1 dubbed and I wasn't disappointed. Well today the show became available to watch if you're a subscriber. I quickly jumped to my computer when I woke up just to watch the first episode, and just the first episode because I wanted to watch the rest when the official DVD is released. Now more about the show itself.

    So the first episode is like any other Railgun Filler Episode… but with more of an AWESOME introduction to the season. No doubt the cast was stupendous and the animation/sound quality were too. It introduced the characters as they usually are, silly, fun, and funny (and badass AKA Misaka) and thanks to the marvelous directors at Funimation, the voice actors brought it to a vivid well done experience.

    After I watched the first episode I promised myself I wouldn't watch another but I couldn't resist the urge to keep watching. Now I have watched all 12 episodes released and I'm eagerly waiting for the next dozen in about 1 and 1/2 months. The voice acting was superb throughout the whole experience so nothing to worry about there. This is a MUST BUY for any Index/ Railgun Fan. I will definitely pick this up when it becomes available on DVD and Digital (if its Digital HD).

    I really wish there was a limited edition , i would easily spend 60-110 US$ for the limited edition and 110-350 US$ for a Blu-ray Collectors Edition but oh well I'm just happy to have a quality dub with this awesome anime series. 10/10 for the first half.

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