Characters that look the same or like siblings

  • So, this is a place where everyone can put pictures of characters that either looks the same, or, for even more fun; characters that look like siblings.

    I came to the realization that Rider from Fate/Zero and Risty from Queen’s Blade both look like brother and sister.

    Edit: the first picture is a good picture, but I took a closer look at it and decided to put it in spoilers because it is pretty suggestive, so, proceed with caution on that one.


    Risty's design from Queen's Blade Rebellion.

  • I've seen a lot of characters that look similar, but right now as I'm making my way through Princess Tutu, I'll just post these pictures of Mytho and his Death Note look-like, Near.

  • Kazuki Muto from Buso Renkin and Takashi Komuro from Highschool of the Dead look very, very similar.

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