Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

  • I love BOTH the anime and the manga. I see the Ova clips you all are making. which makes me excited, but leads to a question EVERYONE Still ask for over and over. Would FUNimation get behind Kenichi and make the full manga into the anime. The story has such a lure to the reader/watchers. The plot is AMAZING in my and supporters' opinion. The manga has lots of enthusiasm in the page, and when I see the anime where they really brought the excitement to moving picture blows my mind.
    I see the very successful One Peace going on every week. i want to also thank you for always releasing One Peace one time and delivering us the excitement.
    What Staff does the Kenichi Anime?
    Could we expect to see more kenichi in less time?

    Love Your Supporters

  • Funimation doesn't make anime, they just license anime that is made in Japan and localize it for American audiences.
    The OVA you're referring to was finished 2 years ago but no one has picked it up.
    No word on if it will ever get a US release, there's always a chance but due to it having been out for several years and no one has touched it I wouldn't hold my breath.
    As for more Kenichi, there won't be any more seasons made, maybe a one-off OVA or a reboot, but since it's not a huge title in Japan I wouldn't bet on that either.

  • St0ck pretty much hit it right on the head. Nothing more to add, really.

    For more information, please read this sticky:

    Shuttin' it down.

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