More Fairy Tail Episodes

  • I don't want to go too much into this but in my opinion there aren't enough Fairy Tail episodes being dubbed fast enough, i mean 10 episodes every 1 - 2 months doesn't do it for me. I think that a lot of people would appreciate it if you would focus more resources on producing more episodes of your best selling anime.

    Thanks, Lewis.

  • their best selling anime is DBZ, always has been

    They have 175 episodes of the first run of the the show, and have tentative release dates for them, so they probably already finished recording or are very nearly done. they aren't going to release everything at once, it's going to be staggered so as to earn more from the show. they aren't going to change the release schedule that has been made, so you are just gonna have to try and be patient

  • I actually have been just as impatient as the original poster, but I would add the question: does anybody know why they only release so few episodes at a time, so far apart? I would think they'd at least post a full story arc at once, rather than cutting each arc up into arbitrary 10-episode chunks. But then, I don't really know anything about the business of anime production, so this is all coming from me as an audience member/fan.

  • It's a combination of licensing issues, dub recording, getting materials ready, and not wanting to put too many new, popular series out all at once.

  • @PocketSize:

    does anybody know why they only release so few episodes at a time, so far apart?

    It has to do with revenue (making profit money), and supply and demand. If they released all the episodes, or even say… sixty. They would need to charge about $1400 (figuratively) to make a profit. The series would then sit there on the shelf, and no one except Aniplex of America shoppers would be able to afford it, the series would die, and FUNi would drop it.

    If however, they release it 10-12 episodes at a time, then it's within a reasonable dollar asking price, they aren't flooding the market with their product at a ridiculous price, and they are ensuring that you the customer will come along in here demanding more... so that when they release more, you will buy it, and keep this great series alive.

  • Thanks for all the info everyone

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