Any info on seaon 2 of titan got to have more

  • any info at all please and is there going to be any summer updates and shows posted

  • Check the shows boards

    here is a direct link:

    But as far as speculation goes for when it will be released Firefly noted that Amazon has it posted for Sept. 23 which is about the same time frame in comparison of the airing of part 1 episodes on Toonami to when the hard copies were released

  • Nothing has been announced in Japan, yet.

  • Nothing so far. Last I heard the studio didn't even have any plans for another season.

    Moving this to the AoT thread.

  • For season 1 it covers chapters 1-33 of the manga. So i would say that the second seasons (and i dont mean Part 2 by second season) Should cover chapters 34-66 unless the manga ends sooner than that. The manga has released up to chapter 58 so far. They could be working on the shows animation as we speak but no one knows so it all really depends on when the the manga gets that far and when there going to start animating. Also sure in the manga it will say SEASON 2 ANNOUNCED!!!!!! but who knows. If you haven't stared reading the manga you should its really good. XD

  • I'd say right now, Wit is very likely focusing on the recap movies that will premiere later this year and early next year

  • Season 2 not part 2…

    That's what i get for skimming.

    Well there is going to be a season 2, i think that would appear to be a fairly safe bet at this point.

    Unless there suddenly develops some horrible legal issue with the property, the mangas plot takes some horrible fandom killing faceplant, Hajime Isayama dies before finishing, or the world comes to an end; there will almost certainly be a season 2. It's almost guaranteed that it would be a big success, and I don't think the fandom would tolerate a lack of conclusion to the anime unless the producers want to risk some hate mail, nerd riots, and possibly some form of Ultra fanboy terrorism (with a property this grand they may be larger and uglier than any illustrated behemoth)

  • Didn't Isayama say he wanted to end AoT in 20 volumes? I'm sure the anime will pick up around early summer of 2015 about the same time it began in 2013.

  • @Justin2014:

    Didn't Isayama say he wanted to end AoT in 20 volumes?

    He did, but there was confusion about the meaning (ie, 20 volumes total, or 20 volumes more). With where the manga is currently and the pacing, I'm a little skeptical at the manga being 20 volumes total, but it's not impossible.

    Spring/Summer 2015 would be the earliest to see a season 2 I think, but there's nothing about a second season being green-lit at this point so it's just speculation.

  • There's a live-action film in the works, and the anime did MORE than enough to promote the manga - which still doesn't have enough new material to cover an entire season. We may not be getting a second season for a long time.

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