Liar Games Anime

  • I'm reading the Liar Games manga and so far a anime has yet to made for it. I think this is good because if they would of made an anime before they would either have to take a long awkward break in between seasons or make up their own ending. But now the manga is entering its final arch (i'm not going to spoil anything but it is getting really good) and I think it has about three to five months left before its done for good. I think this is the perfect time to make a Liar Games anime. They already have enough material for season 1 and by the time they are ready for season 2 the manga will be finished. So is there any plans for a Liar Games anime and do you guys think it will ever happen?

  • Actually, I believe this was adapted into a live action series. I recall watching parts of one or two episodes several years ago.

  • Galaxy's right, there is indeed a live-action film and TV series for Liar Game. As far as an anime adaptation goes, there's not really any news about one ever happening. Usually in the case of anime adaptations, they tend to get greenlit while the manga is still fairly new, in order to help promote the manga. In Liar Game's instance, however, the manga is almost over, so I'm not sure if an anime would be the best idea.

    I'm not saying it's impossible or that it will never happen but I really wouldn't hold my breath for one anytime soon. Oh, and in case you were wondering, FUNimation can't really help make one either. Just so you know. :)

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