Best Scam Telemarketer Ever!

  • Have any of you gotten a call recently from some Indian guy claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support and their scare tactics an BS leads you to AMMYY site to buy their highly questionable crap?

    I just got this phone call today. An Indian guy named Steve (im sure thats his real name :P ) called claiming to be from MSTS. He said there was a problem with my windows computer with lots of spyware, viruses, etc. Now he said windows computer singular like there is only one here, but this is a modern American houshold with multiple comps not including tablets (i technically have 3 cause i haven't gotten rid of my old lap top yet) so i acted vague as well saying there are many windows comps here. His response: the one you use the most on the internet (a ubiquitous descriptor of all the comps in the house). So seeing that this was probably BS and i politely thanked the guy (shouldn't be rude to telemarketers, its not there choice to bug us they are just got a $#!ty job) and hung up.

    Less than a minute later I get a call back from Steves supervisor. I decided to humor this guy for his persistence (and i had nothing better to do) so I let him go on with his schpiel to see what this was all about (maybe it really was MSTS). So he told me how TS had detected all these problems with my computer (again not specific as to which one). That of course is a red flag right there, im sure that MS does indeed have their big brother means of monitoring the status of all devices running windows, but i doubt they would use it to actively call you up if you have a problem.

    So Steves supervisor had me check some task viewer to see all the horrible warning messages that mean my comps in danger. Then through the run prompt he laboriously spelled a website name and wanted me to run it. I wasn't about to run this strange website i got through this sketchy phone call but with an identifying website i now had a useful key to google some info.

    So i pleaded that my computer was running slow to Steves supervisor while I googled and found about what i expected, a cold-calling scam that at best was just trying to sell you a piece of expensive worthless software and at worst was some horrible spyware/malware program thats going to screw you six ways to sunday. While i found this info I told Steves supervisor that my computer was still acting slow. Up to now I had been fairly polite though maybe a flippant tone had crept in.

    I was deciding whether to continue to be curtious and politely refuse what he was going to offer me and ask him to not call back or to call him out on the scam allegations i was reading, when the guy asked again and I told him again that my comp was being slow when he says in the same polite Indian telemarketer voice "Very good sir. Now, I would like you to go to your parents room and F**k your mother". Right out of the blue, i just had to laugh, i complimented the guy cause it was totally unexpected hung up and i had a good laugh because it was just such a hilarious thing to hear such a remark being said all polite chipper and "proper" by an Indian telemarketer .

  • ya, i watch a youtube video about this scam.

  • awww… now my experience doesn't feel any where as special... I hope they haven't told others to go F*&k their mothers cause then i would just feel so cheap

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