Shows Popularity and season 2 speculation

  • The show seems rather popular winning some fan polls and such over in Japan, normally that make me think maybe a season 2 could come. How ever looking at the show I don't think really the story will allow one with out it being forced and not fitting the quality the show has established. Anyone else have thoughts?

  • I'l' wait till its over and see what happens before thinking about a second season

  • I noticed that the Funimation blog has an entry for this show that reminds us to stream it this week if we want to see it released on home video.

    I'd completely forgotten about most Funi simulcasts. :(

  • I'd really like to see a season 2 but I don't think its possible. Well the manga is still ongoing so maybe it'll go past 3 volumes, and at the end Kaiba smiled at his phone which could mean a possible continuation aside from the OVA, or maybe its about the OVA, either way I'm sincerely hoping that there will be a season 2, preferably as good as this season

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