Playstation app would be great!!!!!

  • I am an avid Funimation watcher and would love to see an App for the PS4. Also I think that the website and apps could use a feature that when an episode is over it automatically goes to the next episode in the series with the same settings that the previous episode was seen with for example lets say I am watching Fairy Tail Season 1 episode 1 and I was watching it in HD and had it dubbed when it was over it would automatically go to Fairy Tail Season 1 Episode 2 with it in HD and also dub. These are a few suggestion I have that I think would make life a little easier for people who connect their computers to their tvs.

  • It only makes sense to see a PS4 / XBox One app as well as smart TV, chromecast etc. I'd personally love to use it on my PS4 and chromecast!

  • A PS4 App would be great! Especially if it is also usable on my vita!

  • I would like to see an app for the PS3 as my significant other and I will not be upgrading to the PS4 for the foreseeable future

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