New crunchyroll app for PS3

  • Since Funimation's and Crunchyroll's titles rarely cross, I though I'd let this be known to all who enjoy non-Funi titles.

    After crashing and being down for over a week (according to an email I received), Crunchyroll has finally taken updating the PS3 app off the backburner. While it looks exactly the same it's 100x more stable now. No audio syncing problems, no scrolling too fast and crashing, no watching two episodes then crashing, etc. It's actually worth a crap now! Yay!
    The app is also available on Roku (it's drastically different but was apparently always stable here). It costs $7 a month for a TON of subtitled anime with a lot of simulcasts including Naruto Shippuden. And if you were unlucky enough to be a subscriber through the week long shutdown you now get a $10 coupon at their store.

    Tip: Around Black Friday or Christmas they have a deal where a full year subscription is only $50.

    Check it out.

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