• On the website to sign up for the Funimation channel it says
    ""DON’T SEE YOUR TV PROVIDER? Fill out the form. It will help us to know where our fans are located and which provider still needs to add us to their line-up. Signing up will also get you access to the official newsletter where you get updates about upcoming releases, events, and prize contests from FUNimation.""

    But when I tried to fill out the form it would not let me submit it because it is required to put in a service provider from the list. There is no write in option so it is impossible for me to submit the form.

    Please add a write in option so that I can fill out this forum and submit it to funimation.

    (I'm not sure if this is support ticket worthy, but if I dont hear back from anyone in the next few days ill submit one so this can get taken care of)


  • I don't think that is really a bug, or support ticket worthy, more like a suggestion.
    It's a good suggestion, but posting it here should be enough.

  • it is a bug though. without a spot to write in a tv provider there is no possible way to send in a form, and it says that you are able to send in a form even if you dont have one of the TV providers listed (which it doesnt let you do).

  • Posting this on the FUNimation Channel's Facebook page will help more since FUNimation does not run the channel.

  • I like to know why they are requiring a subscription on xfinity all a suddenly but for the last 6 years no sub was needed on the free section because isn't it suppose to be ….."free" meaning you don't need to subscribe. Now the premium ones yeah sure i don't mind paying for them from time to time but forcing someone to get a sub to see free shows is dumb unless doing so removes the cost of premium which then would be fine.

  • Please submit issues with the funimation.tv website and with the FUNimation Channel itself to http://funimation.tv/contact-us/. We cannot assist with bugs on their website nor with any policies.

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