Guilty Crown last episode discussion

  • So I watch the series and I really like except for the ending it just did not seem fulfilling of the story like that happy ending had to come but just did not and that's why to me apart from everything else in the show the ending sucked.

    Would like to hear your thought on this

  • I thought that the ending was weird, but satisfying enough. By weird, it's perhaps a bit too simple and convenient for Shu to end the crisis by some "power-sucking" involving Voids. Happily, several of Shu's friends survive the Fourth Apocalypse, as does Shu himself. It's sad that Inori had to die, but also appropriate that victory had to come with a cost (Inori's death, as well as one of Shu's arms). And life went on. I suppose the show could have said what happened to the other perpetrators of the Fourth Apocalypse, but I think most of them are dead in its aftermath.

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