Armin's thoughts?

  • While I was watching AoT, Amin said something about flowers appearing after Eren transform for the second time. But he was interrupted before he could finish he's thought. I was wondering if you guys had ideas on what he was going to say. Or maybe there's nothing to say.

  • I'm thinking his thoughts were on the symbolic end. The flower being the hope that Eren's given to humanity.

    I can't recall his lines at that moment too clearly though.

  • Okay I just rewatched that scene. I was more focused on your description of the flowers having appeared but it seemed to me that the flowers were already there and Eren protected them too. He said something about the flowers on the inside being okay in spite of the heat. I don't think there's much significance to it. The subject hasn't been brought up again.

    …Actually with a certain reveal at the very end of the anime I'm thinking it could be a slight touch of foreshadowing. Hmm.

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