A Quick Question Regarding Battle of Gods

  • Apparently I was informed that there is a 105-minute Extended Version shown on Japanese television, but has yet to be released on Blu-ray or DVD in Japan. What are the chances that FUNi got the Director's Cut masters for the US release?

  • It's really hard to call, but chances are that FUNimation only has the theatrical version. A similar situation exists for One Piece movie 8, Episode of Alabasta. It had an extended cut shown on Japanese TV, that has never since seen a release on home video in Japan or anywhere else. So that coupled with the fact of Battle of Gods being much newer and how fearful Toei is of reverse importation…chances are FUNi only got the theatrical version.

    That said, I would be absolutely ecstatic to be proven wrong of course.

  • Interesting. Just one more question: is there anything of importance that might be missed in the additional 20 minutes?

  • I haven't seen the extended version to say 100% for sure, but from what I understand…not really, no. I mean, there's some good stuff in there apparently, and even some stuff the fleshes it out a bit more, but nothing that you would absolutely have to have to enjoy the film.

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