OST for Premium/Collectors edition Attack on Titan part 2

  • I know this is 99% pointless to request at this point due to time restraints it would take to license the OST if you haven't, make the discs and redesign probably an allready finalized case design for what i hope is a release date in Aug or Sept but if there is one thing i learned from the show (other than titans are creepy as all hell) its that even in the face of insurmountable odds you have to keep hope alive and try or you'll gain nothing.

    I just really liked the OST to the series and thought it would make a great edition for the premium/collectors edditions that you have been producing recently

  • I agree with you, I would really like to see the OST included with part 2 (the second one in particular, but since that was exclusive to the 4th volume of the JP release I'm not sure what licensing issues that would create). I wasn't very fond of the extras with part 1's CE, but I'm curious to see part 2's extras. And a box to hold both digibooks would be fantastic.


    for what i hope is a release date in Aug or Sept

    I saw a post elsewhere that had a screencap (from a trailer on part 1 I think, I haven't looked at any of the trailers on the release) that puts part 2 for September 23.

  • well poop, my dream has died i guess, ley sigh…

    Hopefully the wall tapestries are cool enough to patch the hole in my heart

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