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    Genres: drama, romance, supernatural
    Themes: bishojo, moe, school
    Objectionable content: Mild

    Synopsis: Yuichi hasn't seen his cousin Nayuki in years. Now that he's back, all knowledge of ever visiting has vanished. He tries to adjust to the vaguely familiar surroundings, but the gaps in his memory haunt him as time grows short. The pieces of the puzzle have appeared - an eerily silent beauty with blazing tresses, the mysterious girl with the winged backpack, and the sword-wielding demon slayer - but it's up to Yuichi to discover how they fit together.

    via TRSI:

    Kanon DVD Complete Set (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

    Contains episodes 1-24.

    Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • Definitely a great show. I think that for the most part I prefer Air, as far as the emotional material goes, but Kanon does have better characters and a better, more fleshed out story. Uguuuuu.

  • This is an amazing series I watched on the website prior to purchasing the DVD, and was thoroughly impressed with the quality of it overall, but then I purchased the DVD Complete Series; Not impressed at all. I understand that it's 480P 16:9 Resolution and I am glad it's 16:9 but when full screened on my 39" 1080P LED TV it is has all these weird lines through most of the animations and the subtitle tons are severely pixelated; yet when I fullscreen the website version on the same screen none of those lines/pixelization, but there are pixel distortion but imho not as bad as the DVD version and is a lot more easier on the eyes compared… though I purchased the DVD just to help support Funimation and give them thanks for dubbing such an amazing series I'm not impressed at the quality compared to the website version.

  • At least you can actually buy the DVD.. it was never released in the UK so I cant ..!!!!!!!!!

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