Surprising VA Performances

  • What was one of those performances by a voice actor that really surprised you, either it was an exceptionally good performance in general, a very good performance of an atypical character for that VA, or just one of those performances that if you didn't read the credits you would have had no clue it was even that VA voicing the character.

    For me one of the standout surprising VA performances was Greg Ayres as Negi in the Negima series. He is a fairly prolific VA and has a very recognizable voice but Negi's voice is well done and almost completely unrecognizable from Greg's usual voice range. It was a very distinctive voice and i thought his performance also done quite well. The only times i could absolutely recognize it as Greg Ayres voice was when he screamed (which happened often enough to keep the reminder fresh), his voice just breaks in a very distinctive and recognizable way when he screams so i could easily go "there's Greg". The voice was very distinct and unlikely to be repeated in any other role (how often do they need voices for little english boys in anime?) but I also had to respect Greg for doing that voice for not one but two seasons at 26 episodes a pop, because that scratchy squeaky voice had to have been murder on him and i wouldn't have been surprised if he lost his voice at the end of one or both season.; so further props for vocal resiliency and or dedication to a role.

    So how about the rest of you, any noteworthy performances you would like to share?

  • Monica Rial was unrecognizable and a huge surprise for me as Machiko in Machiko and Hatchin.
    Same goes for Micah Solusod in Guilty Crown.
    Josh Grelle in Princess Jellyfish was surprising too.

    Vic Mignogna's role in Bleach was hard for me to pinpoint right away.

    And anything by Aaron Dismuke gets me since I still think of him as Alphonse Elric.

  • I prefer my favorite group of BA soldier girls in Japanese, but Anastasia Munoz as Minna in Strike Witches was pretty freaking amazing.

  • Forgot about Mark Hamill as The Joker in almost every cartoon or game in the last 25 years. No one can do Joker's laugh like he can. And I think that blows the mind of anyone who realizes he was Luke Skywalker.

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