Original Stories in Fan Fiction thread

  • What if people were able to write their own original stories in the Fan Fiction section?

  • I did answer this question a while back.

    As a writer, the creation of original works on the internet is a no-no for me; unless I grant permission for anyone to use the work without exclusion. I could put up a hundred-thousand, "Don't copy my work" warnings and rest easy knowing that they will all be ignored. That's one issue of many.

    Not to mention that any works created and posted to this site makes FUNimation co-responsible for them, and could be awkward later on if someone decided that they wanted to take their original work and publish it. Or, should something they write make FUNimation liable for something.

    However, because the forum doesn't have a section for original created works, then I have to assume that it wasn't intended.

    If you want, I can speak with the admins about this and try to get a definitive answer. But I stand behind my decision until such a time as Sophie approves it.

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