Episode 184: Sub-induced plot hole check (MAJOR SPOILERS)

  • When I watched episode 184 with the Crunchyroll subtitles, I noticed a fairly large plot hole created by the translation. Those who've read the manga beyond this point should know what I mean, but regardless, here's the problem (be forewarned: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD):

    ! In the sub, Princess Hisui refers to the time traveler she encountered as a "she", implying it to be Lucy from the future. In a later plot twist, it is revealed the princess is NOT talking about Future Lucy, but a MAN. To conceal this twist, the princess shouldn't be using any gender-specific pronouns for the time traveler.

    Since I have no Elite Subscription, I need to ask: Does Funimation make the same mistake?

  • I am not that far into Fairy Tail to know about this, but I can tell you, that I do not watch Crunchyroll… at all. I'd go into all my issues, but that would be pointless and I don't want to sully their reputation.

    I'm sure it was just a typo. These things happen, even from the best studios, cough, coughfunimationcough, cough. And sadly, a mis translated word has the power to make or break a scene. Now, I'm not saying that this is necessarily what's happened; I'm just speculating.

  • No. They use "this person" in their subtitles. I'm guessing whoever translated the episode for CR thought that sounded awkward to keep using but didn't know about the future reveal you're talking about.

    Errors happen, this is just an unfortunate case where it actually matters.

  • Funimation used the same translation for that scene. Is it not just Crunchyroll. The English translated manga doesn't make that mistake.

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