Why is Season 2 no longer available?

  • I want to get my friend the OVA and Season 2 for his birthday, but I cannot find Season 2 anywhere…..

  • I saw in a RACS newsletter that the current printing for season 2 has been discontinued for some reason with no new version released (compilation, classics, save, etc.) i can only hope that they are planning on a new release format and have discontinued prematurely. So unfortunately until they make this new release your only hopes is scouring online stores and paying a premium for a new copy or going the used route

  • Haganai Next's LE was also ended quite prematurely without other editions being made available, maybe an error in production was noticed and are being fixed…

  • Lance and Adam are going to be on this week's ANNCast, so you might want to see if Zac can ask them what's going on with the show.

    You can send Zac a tweet at https://twitter.com/ANNZac

  • As I suspected, they were just waiting to release a SAVE edition:


  • @SpacemanHardy:

    As I suspected, they were just waiting to release a SAVE edition:


    It not only is a S.A.V.E. edition, it is DVD-only, along with the first season.

    Season 1
    Season 2 w/ OVAs

    I really hope future S.A.V.E. editions aren't going to be DVD-only releases. There was not even a chance to get Baka & Test season two after the limited edition went OOP. I can only hope the Blu-ray edition is being delayed because of an unannounced Japanese BD-box.

  • 2014 and we are still getting DVD only releases?! That is ridiculous. We should be getting BD only releases by this point.

    Anyway, I was shocked when I heard my buddy, who has just recently started watching anime, saying he couldn't find season 2. He ended up buying an import from Australia just so he could watch it. I never got an email from Funimation about the issue either. Their "Contact Us" page is completely useless.

  • @ArmyofDarkness:

    2014 and we are still getting DVD only releases?! That is ridiculous. We should be getting BD only releases by this point.

    Only if you buy everybody a HDTV and Blu-Ray player.

  • I personally wait for S.A.V.E. or Anime Classics releases to save some cash, but if I would have known the BDs weren't going to be re-released I would have gotten the limited editions when they were available. Not to mention the DVD extras disc also appears to be lacking from these re-releases.

    I hope the lack of BDs for S.A.V.E. editions is not going to be a trend.

  • You make that out like they are still expensive. I get that people aren't made of money and have limited income, I'm the same way. But really You can get a BD player and 32inch 1080p TV for around 300 bucks. If you find a special with no interest for 12 months, you can pay it off for as low as 25 dollars a month.

    I mean the new devices now, including the new PS4 and Xbone, only have an HDMI out. YOU NEED an HDTV to even use those.

  • DVDs will continue to be sold until it's no longer marketable to sell to that audience.
    Just like no video company had to buy everyone DVD players to ignore the VHS market, if/when the DVD market dries up it will suffer the same fate.
    The issue is several things go into marketability, mainly licensing fees and contracts in this case.

    I'm guessing some time in the future Funimation will stop including DVDs in their two packs, the added cost won't be covered by the loss in sales. I still think there will always be times when DVD sets will be made due to the release, most people still have a DVD player so it won't be a terrible issue.

  • I can buy a lot of DVD's for $300. ;P

  • So you still watch your anime on a bubble screen CRT? Do you use a CRT for your computer as well?

  • Yes and no.

  • So you have a recent Monitor, why not just buy a 50 dollar BD player and plug it into your monitor. That's much cheaper than 300 dollars.

  • heh CRTs… I remember mine used to hum every time it displayed certain colors... which included yellow subtitles.

    Glad that age is dead and gone.

  • Oh no, there's no HDMI port on this. :)
    But why should I care? Why should you? ~_^

  • Because I hate to see people unknowingly suffer with 480i resolution. ;)

    @St0ck I have a Flatscreen CRT in the corner of my bedroom that I will probably never get around to throwing away. That's the only one left in my house though. I'll probably keep it in case I ever want to play Genesis games on it.

  • I would guess the same reason people wear glasses :P
    This reminds me of a debate I heard on the radio about how husbands got pissed at their wives for watching a cable channel in standard definition when they could change it to a high definition one.
    Also there's the issue of shows targeted towards women selling great on DVD but horribly on BD, to the point where most don't even come out in HD.

    @Army: The old 32inch tank of a CRT I mentioned above was left to die when I moved apartments, almost killed me when I brought it up two flights of stairs and wasn't worth dying for to bring down XD.

  • HAHA! God those things were so heavy. Might be a reason why people don't want to get rid of them? especially if they have like a 50+ inch.

  • @ArmyofDarkness:

    unknowingly suffer

    What if it's neither? ~_^
    When this ol' thing dies, then I'll get one. 'Til then, no worries.

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