So good we wrote a song about it!

  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Phil and I'm the bassist for the band "Many Are My Foes", we are a metal core band from Canada and we all love FMA and FMA brotherhood and what it stands for so much we wrote a song about it. We named it after the show by calling it "Equivalent Exchange", the song is about brotherhood and what it means and stands for to us.

    To all looking to check it out go here
    you can also find us on itunes, facebook, twitter, amazon, reverbnation, youtube, and other various sites.

    Let me know what you guys think, we are always looking to hear from others!


  • While I think it's cool that you wrote a song based around your favorite anime, it's against the website's terms of service to advertise other sites, products, or services like iTunes.

    If you just want to show off your song, I would suggest linking a YouTube or Dailymotion video instead. :)

  • thanks for letting me know, i will put other links.

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