Funimation 20th Anniversary (Question)

  • First off…Happy 20th Anniversary Funimation!!!

    I had a question and I'm sure other members are also curious about this.
    Is there a specific date that the Funimation 20th Anniversary Celebration will be ending? I've been looking all over the site to try find a specific date but haven't found anything. It would be nice to know when I need to get any orders in by, especially since it will be a few days before the money in my paypal account is able to transfer to my debit card.

  • CJ Response:


    Yup, I know. I just wanted to make sure the rest of that information was somewhere on the non-EVS forum for other people to see, and a thread titled "Funimation 20th Anniversary Sale Question" seemed as good as any. :)

    I don't have any information on when the sale will end, so anyone who needs/wants to know will need to make a ticket with "Subscription Billing" as the reason code.

    Funimation 20th Anniversary Sale Question

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