Better Ending Please?

  • I know the manga follows a different story than the anime, but not having read the manga, this is what I have to say.
    I feel Soul Eater's ending left a few things unanswered, and I could think of a few questions.

    1. what is Maka's mother like?
    2. how does Crona react to Medusa's death?
    3. will Medusa come back again, or did Genie Hunter completely destroy her?
    4. Kid's and Black Star's moms?
    5. Who made Liz, Patty Soul and Tsubaki(if I spelled that right)?
    6. Does Arachne revive?
      And all that "bravery" stuff was really stupid
      "How do Kishin Hunter not work at all but Maka's fist completely destroyed the Kishin Osura?"
      "BRAVERY of course!"
      I feel the ending to Soul Eater is not very satisfying.

  • Wow… that is quite the list you have there. And sorry to say, but unless the series gets a reboot (I'm eventually hoping for one), I don't think any of those are more than wishful thinking.

    And, though I can't say for sure, as I haven't read the manga myself, I would think you would have better luck with some of those questions by reading the manga.

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