One Piece season 6 voyage 1

  • There seems to be some mystery here as to the release date of Season 6, voyage 1. It was licensed on 5/14/14 but not a hint as to when the DVDs will be released. If I remember correctly, didn't we wait a long time for the season 5 release.

  • @virtual-anomaly:

    If I remember correctly, didn't we wait a long time for the season 5 release.

    Not compared to the wait between seasons 3 & 4 (18 months). ~_^
    I doubt we'll wait that long, but I'm willing.

  • The target release date is September along side with film Z

  • thanks for the info

  • - One Piece: Season Six, Voyage One 2014

    $39.98 $35.98 DVD
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 30, 2014.

  • ��This is so cool, i love the voice actors they chose for Thriller Bark Arc. It's so weird how i predicted that Andrew Chandler would be playing Absalom almost a year ago, i was just putting names on my fantasy cast list and i thought he would be best as him, what luck this is amazing. I can't wait until November 18th, to get the DVD. Also i wonder if they will have Oars, Ryuma, Jigoro, inuppe, and Lola (Zombie) voiced by same voice actors that play Luffy, Brook, Zoro, Sanji, and Lola.��

  • Hey i know this dosent have aneything to do with the voyage 1 problem but so be it i guess.

    So is it just me that have had some problems understanding the release date of voyage 3???

    you see on amazone and on rightstuff it says that the release date is on the 13th of january but on the one piece epiusode wiki it says that its on the 13th of december. and i also found out that some people have already gotten their hads on the voyage so does aneyone know if their has been some confusion with release dates or what??? thanks for reading this mess of a comment. :)

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