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  • People should be able to buy an Elite video subscription on the ios app i have tons of itune money that i hardly use.

  • I think you can get a similar option using the appstore . There's a Funimation app that you can buy for $9.99 that you should be able to stream ad free without buying an EVS.

    ""This app is universal with the FUNimation paid mobile app. This means when you purchase this app you will get the paid version of the FUNimation mobile app for free! To learn more about the FUNimation mobile app please visit""

    True, It would be great for Funimation to make it so that you can buy an EVS on your apple or android mobile devices using the apple appstore or google play store. However I don't think that it is a possibility due to legal issues, I am almost positive that it would be a legal issue for Funimation to allow you to subscribe to them thorough the appstore or google play because of terms and conditions with both Google and Apple about not allowing recurring monthly charges.

    An admin can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's how the legal part of it works.

  • Apple does allow recurring payments. I'm currently paying for Hulu and Netflix from my iTunes Account. (I could even pay for Crunchyroll through iTunes.) Sadly, this is very difficult since the iOS apps for Funimation (as I understand) are built by another company and those payments would be subjected to Apple's 30/60 cut.

  • The paid app is not ad-free. Only the banner ads are removed. The in-video commercials remain. The only way to view videos without ads is to be a subscriber. If you have a subscription, please install the free app. The paid app is not as beneficial to subscribers.

    I have passed the suggestion on to the higher ups about allowing subscription signup and purchase through the app, but yes, that money would be subject to Apple's 30/70 cut.

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