Update FAQ

  • I recently tried gifting a Funimation Subscription/EVS Membership to one of my friends and I was sad to see that Paypal was not an option on the payment menu, even though it clearly states that Paypal is an option on the FAQ.

    I'm posting this to let staff members know about this.
    I suggest that Paypal should be again added to the list of payment options, or otherwise take Paypal off the accepted payment on the FAQ so that there is no future confusion about this.

    what the FAQ says:

    ""What forms of payment are accepted for an Elite Membership Subscription?
    FUNimation.com gift card
    If you use a FUNimation.com gift card, it will only be applied to your first term's payment. After that you will need to update your payment method. Otherwise, your subscription will suspended until you renew and update your payment method.""

    -Collin K

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