• I decided to test the waters and watch some anime that is not dubbed. I have to say that following the subtitles is tough at times, but the anime is so damned good that I don't care! Actually, the story flows so well that I found myself hearing it in English in my head. I don't know if that last sentence made any sense to anyone but me, but I know what I mean! I've just watched episodes 3 & 4. The action, the artwork, and the story line are awesome! If you haven't watched this yet because you are stuck on English dubbed I highly recommend that you give it a try!

  • I saw the trailer for the dubbed version, pretty sick. I want to see it but gonna wait for the dub release.

  • am went is that going to be ? because I hate censorship !

  • nothing in Jormungand was censored when it was airing

  • I tried this. I wish that I could unsee it. It is Black Lagoon gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  • intense series with references to current hotspots and topics such as Julian Assange, NSA surveilance and GitMo… glad that someone did their homework. Disturbingly satisfying- almost like a side story to COD:MW.

  • love you bro thanks for the information and can somewhat tell me how do you know what series is not censorship any way to know that ?

  • watching the simulcast for any obvious censoring usually works.

  • I liked the first 4 shows. Interesting story and I like the main players. And the opening song, WOW!!!!!! I would love to get a DL of it.

  • i wonder when there will be more dubbed episodes, i like the cast and after all the hype over christmas time i can assume it will be soon. I watch subbed animes but i would like to wait for more dubbed episodes.

  • just check the schedule

  • The forums on Funi seem dead. Either way, this show was pretty damn sweet, on par with GITS for me. It moved so well and the character development was awesome. To see the stories of all of the characters added a new dimension too that you don't often see in newer anime. The show kept so occupied that I didn't really think about how it would end, which I didn't see coming until the final few episodes, but hearing what the members of the squad were thinking also made it cool!

  • This was pretty damn good. Based on the title though, it seems like it should have had a sequel; post Jormungand. It just danced around the idea of Jormungand, but never really gave us a taste of what that world would have been.

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