Anime Classics or S.A.V.E. teases/hints?

  • Hey Funi,

    Any hints or teases as to upcoming Anime Classics or S.A.V.E. titles past what's been posted in preorders already?

    I humbly suggest Steins;gate, Future Diary, Jormungand, and Guilty Crown. I don't know if they sold well enough to be a classic or sold crappy enough to make a S.A.V.E. edition but here's hoping either way. I'm not a huge fan of multiple sets. Help a pathetic and broke otaku out.

  • I'm kinda surprised that nothing has happened with Chaos;head.

  • Jormungand's still WAAAAAY too knew. It just came out within the past few months.

    The other three will eventually hit the Classics line. Steins;Gate was one of their best sellers of the past year, and they'll use an Anime Classics re-release as an excuse to put Future Diary out on BD. I'm not sure about Guilty Crown's sales, but given how extensive they made their collector's edition, I'm going to assume it'll be made a Classic as well.

    Just give it time. They gotta make sure they sell enough standard editions first before they put out the cheap re-releases.

    Which brings up a question of my own: Why haven't they still put out Black Butler in an Anime Classics release? It was a great seller for them, so you know one is eventually incoming, but it's been a few years and still nothing. Sure, there's a complete collection that's available, but I'd REALLY prefer something that doesn't have a little boy in a pink dress on the front cover. :hmm:

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