High School DxD season 2 uncensored?

  • I know that it typically takes around a year after the final episode airs before the Dubbed version is released. Does that apply to the uncensored version as well? Is there another similar timeline for the uncensored version to be released for streaming. It is closing in on 9 months since the final episode of season 2 aired and I find that the method of censoring the Studio who created High School DxD uses to be extremely annoying.

  • It just depends. But, more often than not; that is the way it goes. A company that dubs or distributes anime probably isn't going to get the uncensored materials until the studio grants them permission to start dubbing or what have you. Even if a company like FUNimation has sumilcast rights to stream the show, they still usually only get the TV edits. I know looking at blurs and edits are more distracting and annoying that anything else.

  • Thanks for the answer. I realized that the uncensored release of a show would be dependent upon the what ever contract Funimation made with the producer but I wasn't sure what the typical contract stipulated. So note to self the uncensored version is typically released in conjunction with the dubbed version. As for the method of censorship, while the blur and misting type is annoying I find the large often animated graphics form of censorship to be be even more so. I find that blur or mist is at least somewhat artistic unlike the graphics which strike me as a form of advertisement.

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