Funimation 20th Anniversary Sale Question

  • Just wanted to know how long the 6 months for $20 Subscription promotion would be available for.

    As a new subscriber, I want to start my subscription later than sooner so that way I could at least have it through late November (and during Thanksgiving holiday). I'm a student, so I would prefer to not have to sign-up right away while I'm currently studying for my finals, and instead, have more days used towards next semester.

  • I would assume since this month marks FUNimation's 20th anniversary that the sale would only be good up until the end of the month, but I'm not positive about that because FUNi doesn't list a date for when their sale ends. It might be a good idea to ask Sophie or CJ about this particular matter.

    Regardless, I wouldn't put it off TOO long, lest you run the risk of missing it entirely.

  • I just now realized that my handy-dandy answer post is in the EVS forum and not the general forums (shhh, there's a reason we have forum moderators and I am not one of them) so I am going to re-post this list of answers here:

    To clear up a few things, specifically about the 6 months for $20 promo:

    • The promotion is not for a gift subscription, it is for a new subscription. I'm not sure whether or not you could use the FUN20 discount for $20 off a gift subscription + product over $100 or not. But the promo is not for a gift subscription.

    • The promo is for new and returning subscribers. If you are currently a subscriber, you cannot sign up for the promo subscription.

    • You DO NOT need to enter a code to sign up for the promo.

    • You DO need to use this link to sign up for the promo:

    • If you sign up through the normal subscription link, you will get the normal subscription, with a free 14 day trial.

    • If you sign up for the deal, you will be charged immediately and will not get a trial, but you will get the special price.

    If you have any questions about the deal itself, please feel free to ask, but if you have any questions about your own account and the deal (whether you have the deal or not, whether you can be switch from the trial to the deal or vice versa, or the duration of the promo (bolded for relevance)) you will need to make a new ticket through our support system with the reason code "Subscription Billing" or "Orders", depending on the exact nature of your inquiry.

  • I think what he was wanting to know was the day the sale promo ended, CJ.

  • Yup, I know. I just wanted to make sure the rest of that information was somewhere on the non-EVS forum for other people to see, and a thread titled "Funimation 20th Anniversary Sale Question" seemed as good as any. :)

    I don't have any information on when the sale will end, so anyone who needs/wants to know will need to make a ticket with "Subscription Billing" as the reason code.

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