List of Suggestions

  • To whom it may concern,

    This is my personal list of suggestions for Funimation.

    Minor Website fixes:
    1.) Default video settings built into user’s profiles with things like being able to set SD/HD or even SUB/DUB (if available) playback without having to constantly click the little icons on every video. Also having options for videos to go full screen automatically when play is hit would also be pretty cool, too.
    2.) Fixing script crashes on larger pages like One Piece and Fairy Tail as they like to crash on me when I attempt to navigate them to fast without letting them load properly.
    3.) Being able to sort by most popular series instead of episodes would also be great.

    Minor Roku fixes:
    1.) Same setting options as Number 1 in website fixes excluding the full screen option of course.
    2.) Being able to browse by most popular series and when the queue is up and running being able to browse your queue without having to the bottom of the page and select the queue tab.
    3.) Search option would also help to remove some clunky feel from the Roku too.

    Now the next portion is not so much website fixes more overall things I’d personally like to see.

    • Expanding your streaming ONLY catalog:

    Now what I mean by this is that I would like to see Funimation go after more streaming only series so that way it gives users the option to view new/older series that would otherwise not be available legally. I think this is a great way to give fans of series that Funimation previously dropped a chance to at least view their favorite shows in a legal way instead of having to resort to the so called “dark side”. This also give fans a reason to sign up for you EVS as they feel they are getting more for their buck with new shows being added to your catalog.
    Examples ~ Case Closed, Sgt. Frog, and xxxHolic

    • Public Relations

    In my opinion I believe at this time this is the area that Funimation suffers in the most. As failing to relay information to fans can seriously hamper how the consumer feels about making purchases from Funimation. The recent example of this is the Haganai Next release as I feel that Funimation had no reason what so ever to leave consumers out in the dark about the images cut from the release. As most reasonable people will understand the reasons for the decision if they are made clear as to why they were made in the first place. For people who do not know they cut out a underage girl who looks be having sex in a scene.
    The last point to this is that interacting with the consumer base even just a little can go a long way in letting people know that someone is actually reading what their concerns or questions are. As I feel Funimation is one of the more silent companies when it comes to both release concerns and general overall fan interaction. I feel that interacting with people like the Viz, Crunchyroll and Sentai pages do will lead to happier consumer base. It will also help to ease concerns many fans currently have about Funimation and its business practices.

    Now this came out better in my head than what is currently written but other than that thank you for reading.

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