The Magical Land Of Equestria: My Little Pony & Equestria Girls Disscusion Thread

  • Once Upon A Time In A Thread At A Place Known As Funimation Forums There Was Disscussion About The Magic Of Friendship & The Joy & Laughs it could bring!

    So basically yeah come here to chat about MLP:FIM & EQG. Share why you like the series, who your favorite pony is, your favorite episode, and what you hope to see in season 4 & beyond!


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    So latest in Pony news..

    • Season 4 of Friendship Is Magic begins November 23rd on HUB TV Network
    • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Blu-Ray Sales over 100,00 Copies in first month
    • IDW Publishing Sale over 1 million MLP comics in less then a year of publication of the book. A NEW record for the company

    Upcoming Releases

    • Equestria Girls 2013 Annual (Comic) 10/30 Moved back due to shipping Error
    • MLP #12 10/30
    • A Pony for All seasons DVD. 11/5
    • MLP: Pony Tales V1 (Comic collecting issues #1-6 of the micros)
    • MLP Micro #9: Spike 11/6
      -MLP Art Gallary Booklet 11/13
    • MLP #13 11/20
    • MLP Micro #10 Luna 12/11
    • MLP #14 12/18
      -My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic V3 1/15 (Comic collecting issues #9-#12 of the mane series)
    • My Little Pony: Pony Tales V2 March 2014
    • MLP Comic Poster Portfolio TBD
    • Season 3 DVD Set TBD (Amazon Only)
    • MLP Chapter Book #3 Rainbow Dash & The Daring Doo Dare -2014
      -MLP Chapter Book #4 Rarity & The Curious Case of Charity-2014
    • Rarity Takes ManeHatten Childrens Book -2014 Presumably based on season 4 episode
    • Funko Vinyl PVC's Waves 6-9 (Hot Topic & Toys R Us Exclusives) 2014
      -Funko Pop Vinyls Wave 2-TBA

    Release List will be updated regularly

  • The Equestria Girls movie sold that much? O_o Did not expect. I still have to check that out at some point.

    I have the first micro series volume of the comic on pre-order. Gonna wait until the release date gets closer for volume 3 of the mane series and volume 2 of the micro series. Happy to hear the comics are going strong for IDW.

    And of course, can't wait for season 4. ^_^

  • @ FireFly: EQG is a decent flick, its a bit surreal seeing the ponies in human form obvious doll mixed with anime character design insperation is obvious XD But overall its entertaining enough for what it is, a nice little side-story, I'd put it in the same group as the DBZ or Pokemon films, something entertaining that really has no effect on the regular cartoon. Worth a watch though if you get a chance, its coming to netflix this month.

    Heres A clip to give you a feel * This is the best musical number from the movie IMO* Also liked the Magical Girl anime style end*

    As for the comics, yeah they continue to be pretty awesome, theres a new secondary book replacing the Micros in January, its an ongoing like the main, but probably be like Archie's Sonic Universe comic. That is to say 2-4 part stories focusing on supporting cast characters (Zecora, Trixie, Cheerilee, etc) solicits should be up soon.

    Oh also in another piece of interesting news I forgot to mention earlier, Wayford (the company that did Ducktales Remastered & is currently working on the new Shanti game) is wanting to make a MLP platformer that would be downloadable to all systems. If they can get approval from Hasbro it may be their next project! Heres hoping! knock on wood

  • So apperantly John De Lance recently confrimed at a Sci-Fi convention that Discord would have a song in season 4. And would indeed be showing up in multiple episodes hope we get more Flutes/Dizzy interaction, I just get a feeling those two could be a fun Mork & Mindy style couple, normal gal with crazy friend, cliche but fun yea know

    So yeah always fun to get more season 4 news, also, just to re-jog your memories, heres other confirmed news about season 4

    • Season 4 IS indeed 26 episodes long
    • It will start with a 2-parter focusing on Twilight and her learning more about Alicorns & royal history
    • There will be a episode focusing on Scootaloo's disability to fly so probs more adorable scoots/dash moments
    • Equestria Game set-up in S3 will happen in S4
    • There will be a Super-Hero episode
    • Pinkie Pie's Family or at least sister's will show up
    • DJ-PON3 AKA Vinyl Scratch Will play an important role in an episode. Octavia may also get a speaking role in S4
    • There will be a Sweetie Belle Song
    • Saphire Shores was mentioned to be returning by one of the show staff, but this was later brought in to question by others so 50/50
    • Babs Seed will sadly not be appearing in season 4, but her older sister Sunflower will
    • Rainbow Dash will be one of the mane six other then Twilight to get the most development this season
    • Pinkie Pie will get this seasons Musical Episode
    • Not 100% confirmed but we might get a song from Princess Luna as well
    • Derpy will be back in the background, may get to be one of the BG ponies to sing in a song
    • The Mane SIx/Supporting cast will interact with popular BG ponies abit more then in past seasons.
    • There will be adorable/funny.awkward Spike X Rarity Moments.
    • Spike Really gets put "through the ringer" this season supposedly poor guy
    • There are 3-4 new writers on staff, that have worked on many popular toons in the past such as Beavis & Butthead, Kaijudo, Generator Rex, etc

    And that about wraps up all we know so far oh and heres the animatic from SDCC.

    Other then that, we should start getting season 4 commercials/promos from the HUB & EW's Family room within the next 4-5 weeks. So yeah, can't wait for the new season!!! SO HYPED!!!

  • I have not decided whether to watch season 4. Season 3 felt like such a let-down. There were far too many songs in many of the episodes and most of them felt hokey and, I don't know, embarrassing? The character and plot development were not anywhere near previous seasons, either. It was only a half season. So many things.

    I suppose if I were to rate the seasons on a 10-point-scale-of-awesomeness, season 1 would be a 10, season 2 would be an 8, and season 3 would be a 4 or a 5. It kind of feels like they decided not to even try to live up to the precedent set by Lauren Faust in season 1.

    Somebody convince me this is still a series worth watching.

  • I'll watch the new season whnever I get the time to do so, I'm optimistic there will be some improvements.

  • @clement: While I fully respect your opinion. I think your looking at things the wrong way. Its important to remember that when season 3 was being written, as far as the writers new it was the last, pony was origionally only going to be 65 episodes, as that is the magic number for syndication. So the writers really had not choice but to try to fit as much into what could have been the last 13 episodes as they could, wrapping up certain plot-points, while opening up others just in case they did get a season 4. Season 3's only real sin is that its bloated, many stories could have easily been 2 or 3 parters.

    With season 4 though, were back to the 26 episode format, so things should be back on track.

    Also, not so sound rude, and while I have nothing but respect for the Woman, Faust was not the only thing that made pony great, we have to give her props for giving the series a fresh coat of paint, a great new visual style, and setting down the foundations for such an entertaining world & cast of characters. But Meghan McCarthy, M.A. Larson, Cindy Marrow, Amy Keating Rogers, and others that have been there from the start are just as much responsible, so we should thank them as well. Faust is a great gal, but even she's not perfect, she has good & bad ideas like anyone else.

    Pony is still a good show, but it like anime has developed a fanbase that in many ways is self defeating, the show doesn't go down in quality, the fans just become over obsessive & restrictive towards what they think it should & should not do. The whole point of a cartoon, ecspecially a fantasy is to make your world a sand-box, the only restrictions aside from FCC regulations & budget XD should be the writers imagination. Equestria, like the Land of Ooo from AT or OZ is a sandbox full of a cast of colorful characters and locals to play with, and I look forward to seeing what the writers come up with in S4 & beyond!

    Edit: 1st off sorry about my typo's in this post. I was in a bit of a rush, and half asleep, xD. Anywho to expand upon my point.

    People say that S1 was the best, I disagree, for one it was the ONLY season with the EI logo slapped on it, meaning it was even more restricted in content and types of stories it could tell then seasons 2 & 3. Not to mention Faust had to make a fair amount of compromises & even flat out scrap ideas to get her vision on the screen. Speaking of vision, the last third or so of the first season eps 17-26 is riff with a large number of noticable & annoying animation errors, given this is nothing uncommon for premire seasons as they are often rushed the closer they get to deadline, but some of these mistakes are flat out unproffesional. As for Faust's input, like Meghan now she was really just mostly a supervisor/story editor for the show, she only wrote/co-wrote 4 episodes, the 2-part piolit, Ticket Master & Best Night ever, all decent episodes, but far from the series best. Again I am by no way trying to belittle here, just stating that she was just 1 of many great people that built this world we now enjoy viewing.

    As for seaosn 3, again its only real sin is that since it was only 13 episodes it had to squeeze in more content with less space, stories like Magic Duel, Keep Calm & Flutter on could have easily been 2-parters, and the season finale, for such a big event & a musical deffinantly should have been a 2, if not a 3 parter. Overall though the third season gave us lots of character growth & development, such as

    • Rainbow Dash grew alot this season, taking Scootaloo under her wing, & beggining her Wonderbolts training are both great set-ups for future character development, it also shows how Dash, like the others is slowly growing and maturing as the series goes on

    -We were introduced to a whole new Local in the form of the Crystal Empire, which is not only good for world building, but it gives characters like Cadence Whom we later find out is the Crystal Princess & Shining Armor a greater purpose in the series overall

    • We learn Luna is not only a gaurdian of the night, but she protects ponies dreams as well, acting as a guide to help them overcome thier fears, a neat way to use her position IMO, she finally found a way to interact with her subjects even though they arn't awake during her beautiful night.

    • Discords reformation from good to bad & Twilights Alicornification may be controversial, and the latter may have just beenn a mandate by Hasbro to sell toys again don't know why this suprisies people Hasbro is a toy company after all, Transformers & G.I.Joe have done the same thing in some way shape or form for decades! But it is still character development, Discord being a good guy, or at least a neutral party lends for him to come back more often, which is a plus as he is a fan favorite, and again his friendship with Fluttershy could make for some entertaining moments. As for Twilight, look at it this way, she's graduated from padawan & is now beggining her training as a Jedi Knight! And some day she too shall be a master!

    • Theres also the reformation of lesser characters like Trixie & Bab's Seed which again gives the writers a window to use them in future stories if need be. And its always nice to show your supporting cast some love.

    But yeah IMO season 3 gets a bum wrap because it was the season of change, and people are afraid of change * despite it being lifes ONLY constant* Change isn't bad, or it doesn't have to be, change can bring great, new & exciting things, don't be afraid of change, embrace it and all the opportunities & new developments it may bring!

    And thats my rant for the day, hope it helps! xD #Peace

  • Sorry for the DP. But today is a pretty special day if your a pony fan, or a fan of the HUB TV Network. Because this day 3 years ago the network launched, and MLP:FIM made it's premire. so HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY HUB & MLP! Heres to 3 more years! cheers

    Also for merch related news, Hot Topic put up a pic of their cover for issue #12. Magic Duel Round 2. Only, more playful this time around it seems * Also..Ahh Trixie…your horns on fire! XD* The comic will be availible nation wide on 10/30, and is the second part of the Cadence/Shining Armor "Neigh Anything" story-Arc.

    Theres also going to be a special "Million Copies Sold!" cover for the issue that will be sold/raffled off in Charities & other special events like NYCC i'm guessing

  • Wow, it's been three years already. Happy Birthday to the Hub and MLP: FIM!

    And Trixie's horn may be on fire, but Twi's tail is too!

  • OK tonight in Pony Related news we have…

    According To Hasbro's recent pre NYCC "invitation only" party...

    • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic & Littlest Pet Shop are the most watched shows on the HUB.
    • Equestria Girls has done very well expect more from the spin-off property in the future (This probably mostly means toys & genaric merch, but guess this means we might get more animation & comics from it someday too)
    • Pony is indeed officially catagorized as a "Lifestyles" brand now. Hasbro plans to continue to expand liscensing for merchindise related to the property in 2014.

    And on the less cooperate side...

    the MLP comic will have a special Christmas, er I mean Hearthwarmings cover for its December issue. may have to pick this one up online since its an RI smaller comic shops might not get it

    Brenda Hickley Posted some teasers from the upcoming Pirate Pony Arc issue 13-14

    Other then that, while not confrimed, if you get the HUB, be sure to watch during their Halloween Bash Saturday October 26th, they may or may not begin showing commercials Season 4 that day. Again this is unconfirmed, but never hurts to hope right!?

  • This amused me, so I thought i'd share it.

  • OH MAH GOSH YES! The forums are BACK!

    Hee hee anyway as I was gonna post here ages ago…I really liked Equestria Girls. I thought it was so much fun and it just put a big ol' smile on my face! The songs in it were great (Help her Win the Crown, anyone? :p) and it was cool seeing all the ponies as humans.

    Guess I'll share my fave pony and episode now! Mah fave pony is definitely Fluttershy, 'cause I'm kinda like her (although I have all the awkwardness and not much of the adorableness! XD) And my favorite episode is Hurricane Fluttershy. It was really sweet and interesting to see how Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's relationship has evolved since season 1. Rainbow still gets annoyed with Fluttershy being all nervous and all that, but she actually tries helping her more and doesn't just get really angry. The part about Flutter's fear of public humiliation really hit close to home for me. Made me tear up a bit actually. Also the episode's got lots of Flutterdash and they're my OTP!!! XD

  • @Clara: Glad to have you back! Hope you enjoy the new forums!

    Anywho IDW announced at one of their NYCC panals today that the new secondary pony ongoing would be titled "Friends Forever" The book is set to start in January, so hopefully we will get solicits for the first issue this Friday when IDW's January 2014 solicits get put out! knock on wood

    My guess is that it will be something akin to Archie's sonic universe comics, a series about supporting & background characters. knock on wood

  • just because im 100% sure SOMEONE might get why im posting to this thing

  • @TTGH: Your post is somewhat vauge and doesn't really relate to the topic. If your going to post in a disscussion thread, please make sure your post is rellivant to the topic.

  • Sorry for the DP. But just found out Micheal Dobson is gonna do some voice work in Season 4 of MLP

    For those who don't know he voiced Nappa in the ocean DBZ dub, He also did some work on Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Hamtaro, and some Gundam Titles. So yeah nice to see some more old anime VA's join the show's cast, even if it is just for a couple one shot characters.

  • Gameloft updated the ios/android pony game again with a new Equestria Girls DDR style mini game. Heres the trailer.

    I've played it a couple times, its fun, but abit difficult, makes your fingers hurt after a while from tapping the screen so much/fast. XD

    Also IDW Publishing put out their Jan 14 solicits. Heres the Pony Stuff coming out.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #15 (32 Pages)


    Things are getting positively bookish in Ponyville! When a magical bookworm starts to cause some literary mischief, it’s only a matter of time before things start to get out of hoof! It’s up to our ponies to set things right… but will they want to when Daring Do shows up?

    New Series replacing Micro: My Little Pony: Friends Forever #1 (32 Pages)

    Bullet Points * New Ongoing will feature a new pair of ponies each month

    • Book will cover everyones favorite Major & Minor characters.


    Introducing a brand new ongoing series! Dedicated to exploring the magic that arises from the friendship of two different ponies, prepare for anything in this fun-filled team-team up comic! Our first pony pairing features none other than Applejack and Pinkie Pie! When the two enter a baking contest, you can bet the culinary hijinks are going to get messy!

    Also Avalible:
    My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Vol. 3 (collecting Issues #9-#12)
    My Little Pony: Digest-Size, Vol. 2 (digest sized release collecting issues #3-4)

    Edit: HUB released a pic of another S4 animatic, looks like Dash teaching Twy how to fly.

    Also Andy Price takes a much needed stab at all the crazies in the fanbase, Lord I love this man!

    And finally Leaked MLP toy designs, point to their being an episode in season 4 where the rest of the mane six temporarily end up as Alicorns 10 bits says DIscord is involved! * (Really hope we get a Princessess get turned into earth ponies & everyone else gets turned into Alicorns type thing, that would be hillarious, and a glorious piece of Discord style chaos! The moral could be to teach Celestia & Luna to be greatful for what they have, or something like that, know it sounds mean, but I wanna see an ep that takes Celestia down a peg. XD[

  • Pony News Update

    Rarity Finally got her Hot Topic minute video… some dialouge at the end seems to potentially leak that Spike may be getting his Dragon wings in S4 *odd since even in Adult form in season 2 he didn't have them, then again, I guess considering Dragons develop based on their emotions/urges, anything is possible. XD Also Spikey-Poo replacing the Spikey-Wikey Nickname? *

    Also Bobby Cunrow has released more info about the Upcoming Pony Team-Up book "Friends Forever"

    For those that can't read the image abouve, the book will feature a mixture of team-ups between main & supporting cast characters, sometimes just mane, some times mane & supporting, sometimes just supporting, no plans for Background pony stories, but its not impossible.

    And in another post bobby mentioned the CMC could be put together as a group and teamed with another character, or teamed up individually, like for example you could do a Spike & CMC story, or a Apple Bloom & Babse Seed story, etc. Cheerilee, Discord, Trixie & Zecora will all pop up in the book during the first year of its run. Trixie will also get a story arc in the mane book next year.

    And finally there are no more Equestria Girls comic stories planned at this time, but if the annual sales well, future stories are possible.

    And thats all the news I got for today. someone please reply, I feel like i'm talking to air!!!

  • Sorry, Sound. Didn't mean to leave you all alone here.

    Looking forward to the Friends Forever comics. I'm all for getting more stories about the side characters.

    And finally Leaked MLP toy designs, point to their being an episode in season 4 where the rest of the mane six temporarily end up as Alicorns 10 bits says DIscord is involved! * (Really hope we get a Princessess get turned into earth ponies & everyone else gets turned into Alicorns type thing, that would be hillarious, and a glorious piece of Discord style chaos! The moral could be to teach Celestia & Luna to be greatful for what they have, or something like that, know it sounds mean, but I wanna see an ep that takes Celestia down a peg. XD

    This interests me greatly and it would be very awesome if that happened. I don't think their intention is to make Celestia come across the way she does, but I think such a scenario could do wonders for how people think of her.

  • @firefly. Thanks for the rely. But gotta ask what do u think of the rest of the news? And yeah I know the writers mean for Celestia to be her worlds Aslan/Dumbledore . But she just kinda comes off as a flawed version of such in the show IMO. Comics have done a decent job with her so far though.

    Any who in today's news. Second Wave of Equestria Girls toys has been announced. The theme is "Rainbow Rockers". Props to Hasbro for making something at least partially creative. at least their not completly barbifying these things XD Boo for still using the same cheap doll molds both bronies and older fans complained about in the first place. * creepy plastic person why u no cute as cartoon counterpart.. Oh well at least AJ looks decent. * but she's the easiest to humanize so meh

  • Mmm, well I haven't been playing the phone app game anymore. Got Dashie and then it sorta fell to the wayside in May…

    Can't believe I missed that Hearthwarming cover for issue 14 of the comic on the previous page. That's downright adorable.

    Also Andy Price takes a much needed stab at all the crazies in the fanbase, Lord I love this man!

    I appreciate the fact that he did that, and he raised a good point about Twi actually earning her princess title. People get a little insane at times with fandom and cross lines that shouldn't be crossed, and it's good to see when that kind of stuff gets called out.

    …They really haven't made any progress on making the Equestria Girls dolls look less creepy. Or cheap. Why does AJ have to look like she got punched in the eye? (other than that, her doll looks okay I guess)