Why no HD version of Samurai Champloo on Digital Services?

  • Buying digital has been the norm for me due to space. I don't have room to rebuy my Anime's. I amassed a solid collection over the years. From VHS, LaserDisc and DVD's. With that said, some of the mid 2000's Anime's have gotten quite the HD treatment. And one of my favorite's, Samurai Champloo got the HD treatment, not once, but twice. I'm very curious as to why this transfer is not on iTunes or Amazon? Akira got the HD treatment and got put up on iTunes. I would love to own this series and others(like Egro Proxy..But the Japanese Blu-Ray cost too much)I hope is not some weird license issue on the Japanese side.

  • Sadly I'm guessing your prediction about weird licensing issues is correct, most likely when they bought the license for SC they did not buy the internet distribution rights for the HD version.

  • Again, it doesn't make sense why the stander def version from Funimation is up, but not the HD one(The current one, not that first print crap that came out on BD)

  • Maybe the latter version came out after Funimation made the original license? It's more desirable so it might have cost more money then Funimation was willing to spend on an older title?

    Funimation already put the show out on BD it would be a very hard sell to re-license the show to put out another BD set, it would confuse the customer base and pretty much sink any possibility of selling off the old set, and since Funimation gets their bread and butter from physical releases they might just not be interested in spending the extra money on something that wouldn't make much back (and it wouldn't be cheap).

    These are only guesses, we'll never get an absolute answer here from Funimation sadly, maybe you could email them though for further clarification.

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