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    Genres: action
    Themes: fanservice, fighting, harem, school
    Objectionable content: Significant

    SYNOPSIS: Takeru enrolled in Tenbi Academy because the girl-to-guy ratio is, like, three girls for every guy. But this bevvy of bombshells is actually a school where teens beef up their combat skills using a magic power thingy called a Maken. Redheads with wicked high kicks, shocking blonde bullies, and aggressive brunettes are everywhere. And every time there's a brawl, their clothes tend to disintegrate.

    Distracted by all the bouncy brawlers, Takeru has a hard time concentrating on his training. Things get sticky when the hornball can't figure out how to use his Maken. If he doesn't find his mojo quick, he'll be dumped by the school of his dreams - or destroyed by an attacker who's after his magic power thingy!

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    Maken-Ki! Battling Venus DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb) Limited Edition

    Maken-Ki! Battling Venus DVD/Blu-ray Complete Series (Hyb)

    Date Available - Nov 12 2013

    Contains episodes 1-12 plus bonus episode "It's Summer! It's Swimsuits! It's Training Camp!"

    Special Features: Commentary for episodes 1 & 7, Heart-Throb! Maken-ki! Secret Training 1-6, Japanese Commercials, Original Teaser, Textless Opening Song, Textless Closing Song.

    Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.


    Now, meet your English cast!

    TAKERU - Ian Sinclair
    HARUKO - Monica Rial
    HIMEGAMI - Chloe Ragnbone
    INAHO - Tia Ballard
    FURAN - Brittney Karbowski
    KENGO - Scott Freeman
    YUKA - Jamie Marchi
    AZUKI - Morgan Garrett
    URUCHI - Cherami Leigh
    CHACHA - Anita Neukar
    KIMI - Alexis Tipton
    MINORI - Caitlin Glass
    AKI - Heather Walker
    GEN - Robert McCollum
    TOMIKA - Eileen Dover
    AKAYA - Eric Vale

    ADR Director - Joel McDonald
    ADR Engineer - Kevin Leasure
    Head Writer - John Burgmeier

  • The trailer doesn't do much for me but I like the Jacuzzi Splot (Baccano; Joel McDonald)-directed dubs that I've heard so far, and been misled by a Funi trailer a few times before, so I'll check it out. It's nice to see Cherami Leigh turning up in a few new series, that even though she went to CA she hasn't been completely replaced by Jad Saxton ;)

    I'm still of the opinion that virtually any role in which Tia Ballard is cast, Carrie Savage would be the better choice. No offense to Ballard, just FTR. Gotta say that Ian Sinclair as a lead in a show that looks like a harem is going to be weird for me.

  • I'm off topic but need some help I've just watched the series and was looking at what Funimation had under their product listings and they had the limited edition version and the dvd blu-ray combo pack but the only difference i found in the details was the price besides that the only thing that i could see was one said 'limited" and that didn't really seem like enough to justify spending the extra cash if you could help me out that would be great thanks.

  • The LE comes in a sturdier, collectible box and basically has better-looking cases for the discs. Other than that there's no difference

    They're prettier than the standard editions and look better in a collection, so if you don't care about presentation on your shelf then the extra money isn't worth it

  • If it doesn't say that you get a knick-nack or an artbook then all you get is a box that takes up more than 2x the space of the normal edition and an additional reversible cover.

    After the We Without Wings LE fiasco I'd see it in person (or a really high res picture) before buying it. The We Without Wings LE looks pretty poor in my collection thanks to Funimation's printing error with the front cover.

  • @sidereal_presence:

    I'm still of the opinion that virtually any role in which Tia Ballard is cast, Carrie Savage would be the better choice. No offense to Ballard, just FTR.

    so, assuming you have seen it by now, what's your opinion on the matter with Carrie having a role in the show

  • @Getchman:

    so, assuming you have seen it by now, what's your opinion on the matter with Carrie having a role in the show

    I actually was unaware that Carrie Savage was in this. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I haven't yet seen it. We Without Wings (sigh) & Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero were further up in my queue than this. I might have to re-evaluate.

  • This may just be me but does anyone else only have the first two episodes and the OVA available on the funimation app? I am a subscriber and I can watch all of the episodes on the website so I wasn't sure if it was just me or not.

  • Not that im a pervert but why is it censored

  • @Acidpond:

    Not that im a pervert but why is it censored

    I'm assuming you are referring to season two here. That's how it is airing in Japan.

  • Hey can anyone please tell me what happened to the fan service in the second season (yes the nudity)? While I'm happy those screen devouring black & white censor bars aren't polluting this seasons episodes. But since this Series is a harem comedy where wardrobe malfunction make up 60% of the jokes and (this season especially) 90% of the plot it is slightly annoying to get TV-14 fan service when you tune in for TV-MA.
    I mean come on there doesn't seem to be any plot this season it just looks like the studio was going to make five or six 15 minute OVA's before they were told that a seconded season was green-lit.

  • The fan service is still there. It is being streamed at the moment as it gets aired in Japan.
    So, that's why the "censoring". Ater it is complete and goes to market, you'll get what you see in season 1.
    Unless you mean you don't think there is enough fan service? Can't help you there.

    This season seems haphazard at best. Stand alone episodes with no continuous story line. Looks like a second season was approved and material was created to fill the space.

  • Season 2 is a bigger let down than Season 1. S2 has been nothing but fanservice for the sake of fanservice. No story movement whatsoever.

  • considering the studio for season 2 and who the director and character designers are, I was fully prepared for nothing but fanserivce and no story.

  • Yeah I know. But its still disappointing. Its basically R+V all over again. Wanting more in the hope however nonexistent they be that the next one actually tell the story and not just trying to appeal to the male hormones.

  • Yes season 2 was a let down with no story but there's still a chance for a 3rd season unlike the butchered season 2 of Sekirei.

  • i don't know about that. sales for season have been terrible

  • Yeah…. It has, or had potential.

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