Kamisama Kiss Manga

  • Has anyone read the manga for Kamisama Kiss?
    If you have, is it a good read and would it be a good recommendation?

  • I seem to recall reading a few chapters, which is what got me into the show. I really can't remember much about it, since I've read so much since then. But I know that it must have been a good read or I wouldn't keep pestering my wife to start it up (so I can mooch off of her collection).

  • I like it a lot. More than the anime. I've read up through around volume 17 and it's very sweet and heart-warming. The story of Tomoe's past was pretty well done and man was the payoff well worth it at the end of that arc. If you liked the anime then I whole-heartedly recommend picking up the manga.

  • I watched the amine first and I'm just finished ch 122 and story is great

  • I finished the anime and then bought all 18 manga books at once. Read all of them. Still so in love with this anime and the books. If you want to find out what happens to Tomoe and Nanami romance wise I would definitely suggest the books. There's a 19th one set to release October 6, 2015, and I can't freaking wait!!!

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