Berserk Discussion Thread

  • A thread about the anime series of Berserk, including the movies.

  • Entertaining series but man am I glad I Netflixed it instead of buying it. Lessens the disappointing way the show ends that way. The movies were a little better, but they still lack conclusiveness. Hopefully there will be more films.

  • Oh yeah the TV series just leaves you going…wait what? Although I enjoyed it so much I started reading the manga. It's kind of a toss up on what I like more....the series or the movies. The series cut out lots of characters...specially towards the end...but I like the animation over the movie and it had some scenes I enjoyed that got cut out of the movie.
    I do hope they continue to make the movies...although you might not get an ending. The manga is still going although being released once a year. Hopefully the writer ends it soon, I've enjoyed it all but it is going downhill slightly, like they are trying to force it to stretch out the story.

  • Hmm…yeah, not going to bother with the manga sorry. Mainly, because every anime I really love enough to go pick up the manga always ends up well just like this one did pretty much without fail, on infinite hiatus or releases at the pace of a crippled snail. Either that or the company goes bankrupt and never completes it.

    Well, that and I already have a huge manga backlog to get through, of 150 volumes, which I barely ever seem to make any headway on.

  • I'm not going to go into heavy detail, but I will talk a little about this.

    I have the original television series on DVD, I've watched it front to back twice over the past few years, and I consider it a must see anime. Calling the well crafted story and characterization impressive would be an understatement. The characters are unique in appearance with edgy cool designs and the background setting has a gritty aesthetic which compliments the subject matter and its context, which is to say; brutal. Despite haphazard, "cost effective" trick animation that heavily utilizes key and still frames with some kinetic action and character movement, the merits of Berserk still stand out. In other words, the animation is quite lacking, even for its time, but the story and characterization are enough to keep any viewer coming back wanting to continue watching to the end.

    The movies manage to capture that brutality and tone of the original and I enjoyed watching them as much as the original series. The animation is a vast improvement, however; there are times when the CG is sensationally hideous; especially on movie three where the characters' movements are as robotic and jerky as a video game circa PS2. With that said, the scenes that use a more traditional approach to animation are absolutely stunning.

    The content is pretty much the same with the same key scenes making the relevant points of value to the integrity of the original series. So, from a storytelling perspective, the Berserk movies succeeded in what they were attempting narrative and thematically. With that said though, some of the characterization lost some of the intricacy and intimacy of the original. This is due to the more condensed storytelling style, with that said, I strongly feel that all three existing Berserk movies would've benefited from having an additional thirty to forty minutes of screen time to cover more of the events of the original version and to develop the characters themselves and construct a more solid dynamic between said characters.

    Aside from all that, I did enjoy watching the Berserk movies; I'm also well aware there's a lot of room for improvement there.

  • Having seen 2 of the 3 movies before the show I am finding the show difficult to get into due to the subtle, but significant changes. Casca of the show is more annoying.

    The visuals for both are particularly underwhelming: the movies as they have worse CG than TV anime and the show looked poor for its time and it has not aged well.

    The dub for the movies, the first one anyhow, was better than the show's dub.

  • I am a huge fan of Berserk. While I enjoy the original anime series more compared to the recent movies, I do commend the animators of the new movie trilogy for including Skull Knight near the end (something that was severely lacking in the original show). My only problem with the new trilogy is the jerky CG animation which at times seems very jarring and low budget. With that being said, I believe more Berserk is always a good thing and I eagerly await the next release (whenever that happens).

  • I only seen a little bit of Berserk, but I read Wikipedia now and then.

  • Berserk is definitely one of my favorite shows. It would be so cool if Funimation managed to air the new episodes.

  • I've never seem an episode of Berserk until yesterday. Messages and forums were blowing up, this weekend, over how bad the CG was. Decided to give the first episode a try on CR. I loved it! In my opinion, wasn't bad at all. The CG is better than a lot of other shows. In fact, the CG and animation style reminded my of Netflix Anjin series. A series I enjoyed a lot.

    I'll likely continue watching this Simulcast season of Berserk.

  • I watched the first episode of Berserk and I couldn't believe the amount of negative comments and low ratings. Its not the best anime I've seen, but it wasn't that bad either. I'll continue to follow it on Crunchyroll and see where it goes.

  • Yeah I agree. The first episode was awesome! Can't wait for the dub too.

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