Funimation app for PS3?

  • Hey guys, I was wondering if there's gonna be a Funimation app for PS3. Right now, I use Netflix and Hulu Plus for watching anime, but their selections are both sub-par (Hulu Plus has way more, though). I would gladly drop those for an Elite subscription, but I pretty much exclusively watch on my PS3. I've heard some mixed things about whether it's coming on the PS3 or just the 360. On the site's Q&A, it asks: "Can I play subscription video on my phone, tablet, PS3, Xbox, or web-enabled TV?" but it doesn't mention the PS3 in the answer. Any help would be appreciated.

  • There are threads already created for various console apps in The Suggestion Box sub-forum.

    Thread links are as follows:

    Funimation App for Ps4(I know…)

    Xbox App

    The answer to your question:


    A PS4 app is on the way (it will actually be compatible with PS3 and Vita as well).

  • Since there are other threads for topics like this, I'm going to close this one.

    Please try to make sure that you read through the threads to see if there is already a topic started before you make a duplicate. ;)

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