Naruto Disscusion Thread **Spoilers**

  • Adding this thread to discuss the manga here.

    As to what is going on right now with the manga a lot of interesting stuff to say the least. A lot of origins.

    That tree is very interesting.

    I am hoping that Jaraiya might show up before this war is over.

  • Unfortunately, I don't share your sentiments about the progress the manga is taking at the moment.

    While I don't mind reading speeches in manga every once in a while, Naruto takes this to a whole new level in my opinion. The last few chapters have been dedicated to repeating Naruto way of the ninja. In short, I firmly believe this whole Fourth Ninja War Arc could have been done a lot better in so many ways. I just don't understand how this drastic shift in the writing of the story line from the Pain Arc to this current Fourth Ninja War Arc occurred.

    One of the aspects that attracted me to this series were the limitations the characters had throughout the course of the manga. I enjoy reading manga's where characters are relatable to people in reality. Also, the different types of jutsu shinobi's and kunoichi's could use weren't unrealistic to have in one arsenal. Discussing possible outcomes in a fight depending on which characters were facing off against each other was entertaining to do up until the end of the Pain Arc.

    Then there was the ranking system that shinobi's and kunoichi's had to go through in order to transform into respectable and capable leaders for the future generation. This ranking system was an important part of the story line since it could be used as a guideline of sorts for character development. The struggles that higher ranking ninja's have gone through in order to make it to the point in their lives that they are currently at, was a good way to influence the decisions the newer generation would have to make in order to survive in this job field and world.

    Next, you have the missions ninja's were assigned to complete. No matter what level of ranking a ninja was at, the missions always served an educational purpose to all participants. At first glance the group of young ninja's can be troublesome to train, but as time proceeds forward their personality begins to show. By opening up and showing their personality, their individual strengths and weaknesses start appearing. Thus potential character development can take place and relationships can be strengthen or destroyed.

    Well, that is all I'm going to say for now.

  • Looks like Obito is falling for the old Naruto friendship speech. Everyone hoped this wouldn't happen

  • As much as I've been enjoying this arc more than a few previous ones…yeah...I'm really getting tired of Naruto's 'INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH' moments every chapter now.

  • To be fair, though, this was perhaps one of his best. I honestly think this was one of, if not the absolute, best talks (or as some fans call it, talk no jutsu) Naruto has ever given.

    IMO, he sounded rather mature in his speech and made some valid points. It was virtually nothing like the others.

    Obito's relationship with Rin appeared to be stronger than what many of us originally thought. While it can't be said for sure that she had romantic feelings for Obito like she did for Kakashi, I can definitely tell that she cared for him.

  • @Ninja_Shinigami_Mage:

    To be fair, though, this was perhaps one of his best. I honestly think this was one of, if not the absolute, best talks (or as some fans call it, talk no jutsu) Naruto has ever given.

    IMO, he sounded rather mature in his speech and made some valid points. It was virtually nothing like the others.

    Naruto has given plenty of speeches on how people should act that I have lost count and interest in them.

    Unfortunately, I disagree with you on this being the best Talk no Jutsu (TnJ) that he has used in the series. All Naruto did was do the same thing he usually ends up doing , which is complain about someone else going down the wrong path in life then counters them by saying his path is the right one.


    Obito's relationship with Rin appeared to be stronger than what many of us originally thought. While it can't be said for sure that she had romantic feelings for Obito like she did for Kakashi, I can definitely tell that she cared for him.

    My perception of Rin hasn't changed in the slightest. Rin will always like Obito as a teammate and close friend, but Obito is the one that is obsessed with wanting to have something precious in his life. Honestly, his character should be quickly killed off so that Madara or someone else can take control and do something worth being called a villain.

  • I have to disagree. That's only if you generalize it down to the barest concept with no regard to the actual substance of it.

    Showed great confidence, an inspiring way with words almost like has never been demonstrated before, and didn't feel the least bit forced (unlike Nagato's…where it did feel pretty forced)

    With this talk, he's showcased a strong point in his case against a point he never did before. He even appropriately called out his actions as selfish and something he will have to be punished for. (Though that bothers me that he never saw it that way for Sasuke)

    Also, you make it sound like he didn't have something precious. And...obsessed really is not the right word as it implies a lack of genuineness. If nothing else, there was a real close relationship between the two.

    And I honestly cannot appreciate Madara. He only has strength going for him. Even if he's the final villain, he will never be the main villain. He was not the one driving the plot (that would be Obito as the masked man...whose villainy I could actually appreciate), and he's actually an even bigger nut because he essentially gave up on life over a mere ideal. shaking head

    IDK. He's just rubbed me the wrong way too many times with his arrogance and "Bond villain stupidity."

    Though let's face it right now....Naruto is dominated in presence by anti-villains moreso than standard villains in the first place. (Though that's one of the qualities I appreciate about the series)

  • But when Obito said to Kakashi paraphrasing here "What you think I am doing all of this because of Rin? Don't be a fool" Everyone went YES finally a villain just being a villain.

    Turns out it is about Rin and not being able to achieve his dream of being Hokage and such

  • Wow…we got actual lip-to-lip contact in this series. O.o

    No. Not a kiss. CPR. lol

    My brain nearly shut down when Sakura was giving Naruto mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while manually pumping his heart to keep him alive. I never imagined that kind of scenario, but she is a medic, after all. CPR would be a basic fundamental to an expert.

    Flashing back to Naruto's past words and being absolutely determined to keep him alive at any extreme while saying his dream is right in front of them, it was rather significant.

    And even as a fan of the pairing, I'll be happy if this is simply the resurgence of Naruto and Sakura's close friendship. (Something heavily de-emphasized after the first couple of arcs of part 2)

    I imagined the solution was Kurama's other half being sealed into Naruto.

    Sasuke's situation is a bit more extreme. Karin can't even sense him anymore.

    Though I have to admit that I didn't expect the chakra chains. I know I said that about the CPR, but Karin having such a potent ability was something I really didn't see coming.

    I don't know who the mystery person is...but I'm guessing they'll be the key to Sasuke's life being saved.

    BTW, My theory is Yamato is probably the "host" for the swirly Zetsu.

    Also, Orochimaru and the rest of Taka teaming on the Zetsu and Karin healing herself after being viciously impaled were high points for that particular group.

    Madara......I really have no words for his Sage form. It's quite something. O.o

    A pretty decent chapter and the first one in a while I've commented on. Really busy. lol

  • Have to bump this because Guy is being badass beating up Madara. I lot of people are predicting his death (Guy's)

  • Sadly yeah, unless there's some kind of pull in logic, Guy is gonna be dead in the next few chapters or so. It's the effect of opening all the Gates (the last one even being called 'Gate of Death'). :( Definitely sucks for me as Guy was one of my favorite characters. The weird part though is that I'd kind of been feeling this was going to happen in some way for a while now.

  • It could be because a bunch of characters you wouldn't have expected to die were killed. I admit I like it when a show, movie, manga, etc. doesn't follow that "main characters don't die" trend but Guy is an awesome character. Him dying will suck. But at least he's going out kicking ass.

  • So Naruto is the reincarnation of the son of the "God of Ninjitsu" his is literally the second coming. WTF man

  • Honestly, Kishi and staff dug themselves into a huge hole, a long time ago, by not following the logic they implemented in Part 1 of Naruto until the end of the manga. As such, there was only a few logical routes that Kishi and staff could have taken to ensure Naruto gets a power up to defeat Madara soon.

    Seeing as Naruto is currently talking to The Sage of Six Paths about the history of Ninshuu and what happened to his family, I don't believe that Guy is necessarily going to die in the future chapters. I can see Naruto gaining some new foundation of knowledge that will let him perform certain techniques that weren't possible beforehand.

  • Now Naruto and Sasuke are have the same Skyward Sword type curse will the reincarnate and face the same cycle over and over

  • Yeah…I really can't say I'm fond of that twist now that it's come up. It just feels soooo freaking cliche, and also takes away from Naruto being who he is (though I can see Kishimoto trying to make the case that he's not JUST a reincarnation at least). It also seems BS-y since there's been no hints of this prior to now, but Naruto acts like he's been suspecting it for a while.

  • To be honest, the reincarnation thing could have done without, but him somehow encountering the Sage of the Six Paths was something inevitable.

  • The reincarnation aspect could've just been an excuse for the sage to appear to Sasuke as well.

  • Yeah, I don't mind the sage appearing himself. It's just the reincarnation angle. All it would take to make me more okay with the situation was if Naruto and Sasuke were just the 'heirs' of the two sons wills, much in the way that Naruto is pretty much the 'heir' to young Obito's dreams.

    I don't hate reincarnation as a story telling device, I'm just not fond of how easily it can fall into cliche.

  • Kurama hinted at something like it back when all of the tailed beasts told Naruto their names. I wonder if this had been planned since then or just along those lines and it ended up as the reincarnation path.

  • Oh, contrived deus ex machina, I knew you were coming as soon as Madara spit out the Sage's tools for no reason.
    Now, my question, what the heck did Sasuke tell the Sage? That he wanted to be buddy buddy with everyone after stabbing his own subordinate, launching an attack on all the leaders of the world, and killing one of said leaders. Well, we could go the Kishomoto route and say we're all friends again! Yay! Forget all the horrible betrayals and actions Sasuke's done. He's now the chosen one, gonna beat Madara because he's chosen and not because Madara is an overpowered Gary Stu.

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