The People that Make Us

  • Treated myself to the new Spice and Wolf box set that came out in April just in time for my birthday. So far, love it. The art on the box is way more fitting to the tone of the show than the previous one (not a fan of all the "male gaze" lasers that marketers like to point at this show). So, naturally, I've been poking around at the franchise a bit again. Just the other day, I discovered a fascinating little detail in some artwork that I wanted to share.

    The artwork in question is here. (Or just search for the Spice and Wolf II Soundtrack on Amazon if you don't trust hyperlinks. I know I don't most of the time.)

    The standard size of the image doesn't reveal much. Our female lead done up in Jū Ayakura's somber style. I've clicked past it a dozen times. Now scroll your cursor over the image and focus on the detail in her eyes. Once I saw that, this went from just a nice picture to one of my favorites from the franchise.

    Naturally, this is the internet, and I expect tons of people have already seen this. Consider this a treat for those not in the know and praise for a great, subtle piece of art for those who were aware already.

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