"Win A Weekly Prize" Mailers in Purchases

  • I haven't used my Funi account in a long while and just remembered I had one when I found a filled out mailer in my recycling.

    Does anyone fill those out and send them in? If so, has anyone ever won? If so, what?

  • I've never won anything in the mailer because I hardly ever mail them in I have TONS of them. I did win something from the beta forums when they had weekly contests, I miss those @Sophie

  • Contests are in the blog now.

  • Somebody mentioned last time a thread like this was made that Funi doesn't bother checking those. Don't know how accurate the info is though. No one contradicted him but no one supported it with evidence either.

  • At one point when RightStuf was collecting them for Funimation the prize was a $5.00 RightStuf gift certificate. Now that they are mailed directly to Funimation I dunno if they are doing anything with them.

  • I'd have to spend a small fortune in stamps to send my collection of those things in.

    Does RightStuf really no longer collect them? That could result in a tragedy if I were to send in the older ones in my stack.

  • Ah, that's a shame. I only have about three in total. I've been keeping an eye on the Contest Forum but I only see a couple threads on there from six months ago.

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