Home Page And Stream Releases

  • The home page of Funimation doesn't seemed to have changed in…a while. It used to show that new episodes of shows have been released and other such things. But, the slider has had the same 4 slides on it for like over a month now. So...I suggest updating this stuff.

    As well, for new streams, there are air times attached to them. For example Draganar Academy is slated for Saturdays at 10:30 Eastern. I'm assuming Eastern is EST when I say this, but it can take well over an hour or 2 from the posted time for the episode to actually become available. That's cool and all, but you could try and make sure the correct time is marked for the shows. Not a big deal. On Crunchyroll, the episodes are always available the moment it's slated time comes around.

  • Thanks for the suggestions!

    The slides on the homepage are updated as necessary by Marketing and are meant to be more varied and updated more often. However, because we are trying to keep the load time on the home page low until we add the updated spotlight player, there can only be 4 slides. The 4 you see are the 4 that are most important.

    Times posted are Eastern. If you notice a delay in the time an episode is posted, please report it at www.funimation.com/support. We have a tool to clear the site's cache when new content has been added. Try clearing your cache right before checking for new episodes. You might just be seeing an older version of the page.

    Thanks again!

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