Not being shy!

  • 1.) Shop that works (GAVE UP ON THIS OPTION!)
    2.) a.) have sell exclusives throught thier actually working web shop that works for everyone.
    b.) Mail orders
    c.) Phone orders
    d.) No more funimation exclusives if a / b / c is not able to be workable!
    3.) Answer and actually follow up on trouble tickets that get submitted or fix the trouble tickets that go MIA -
    a. ) web shop trouble ticket in when this site was launched about shop. Took over 2 months to get a answer and find out the shop just wont work for me. (Gave up on this option)
    b.) Inserted a trouble ticket in over 2 months ago and another one 4 days ago on a different way for me to purchase a funimation exclusive because the web shop dont work for me . Tried posting in the forum general about issue. Got a partial answer of were looking into a way for you to puchase it, 2 months ago. No word back!

  • At this point I'm somewhat concerned about the possibility of you giving your cc information to this "" site, instead of the actual legitimate company RightStuf

    At first I thought you just misspelled, but you've called them rightstuff several times now

  • Did you ever follow the steps I sent you in your last message? The issue you've been having is clearly on your end and you just need to take a few steps to fix it. I understand you're not tech savvy but I broke down each step you need to take in order to fix your issue.
    This isn't an issue with, you have an outdated browser cache and once you delete your cache the issue will resolve itself.
    Otherwise your browser itself it corrupted and you need to run a clean install of Chrome (or IE/Firefox as we discussed in the previous topic).

    Please refrain from making repeated topics on the same issue, I understand your upset that you couldn't order the Attack on Titan LE Exclusive but Funimation can only devote so much time helping someone.

  • Since this thread doesn't actually contain any development suggestions, I will be closing. Please work with St0ck over in the thread that you made in FUNimation General.


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