READ FIRST (Fairy Tail Dubs, Future Eps, Releases)

  • If you are a fan of Fairy Tail then congratulations, you have made your way to the best place on the whole community message board to discuss it. I'm also sure that as a fan, you are greatly concerned with several questions: When will FUNimation dub more? Will FUNimation release more box-sets, and when? When will the new episodes be available on the site for streaming?

    There have been an overabundance of new threads that are asking these questions, and while it's not against the rules to do so, it makes for seriously redundant topics being started, and generally answered with "Check the schedule." Or, "FUNimation will dub more."

    I know you want all the Fairy Tail you can get, and I promise that the people that work at FUNimation are doing everything they can as fast as they can to get you more.

    Please, for the sake of duplicate topics, and redundant questions; do not make any threads that simply ask, "Is FUNimation going to dub more, make more, release more, or stream more."

    The frequency of these sorts of threads throughout the forum proper have reached ridiculous proportions, and future topics of this sort will be locked.

    Here is the standard answer I hope will satisfy you.

    1. FUNimation is still dubbing Fairy Tail. There has been no announcement stating otherwise.

    2. FUNimation will release future box-sets in due time. I know you want them NAOW, but you must have patience.

    3. As long as FUNimation has the license to dub and distribute the series, it should in all likelihood be streamed within a reasonable amount of time.

    4. FUNimation does NOT create the actual show. They license it from Japan.

    5. There is no magic button for instant anime. I wish there was.

    I hope I've at least partially answered some of your questions, or alleviated your concerns. If you have something specific to ask, then please PM me; I'll be happy to provide you with my undivided attention to the matter.

    ~ Signed … D

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