Attack on Titan Toonami Premiere Impressions?

  • Being an Attack on Titan fan, I am looking forward to the official dub release to share with friends.
    A lot of hype was being made from the talk about premiering Attack on Titan on Toonami. Unfortunately for me, I do not have any sort of cable service provider, so I was unable to watch it. Regardless, I'm looking forward to watching it on Blu-ray and/or on (whichever comes first ~_^ ).

    Going off of one of the other threads on this forum, it seems quite a few people are upset about the edits that were done on the broadcast this Saturday (May 3, 2014).

    I'd like to know what everyone else thought about the premiere. I fully expect things to be different, since this is an English adaptation. (Let's be realistic guys, the voice actors aren't going to sound exactly the same to their Japanese counterparts, nor should we expect them to. I'm more interested in if they fit the part/how well they performed/YOUR honest impressions/etc…)

    Lets start a conversation about the premiere. Share your thoughts. I'm open to hearing the good and bad, but just be sure to explain your viewpoint.
    Don't be the guy who just says: I HATE EVERYTHIN' >0< RAGE.

  • The voices themselves are fine for the most part. I'm particularly pleased with Josh Grelle and Trina Nishimura as Armin and Mikasa at this point. Jessica Cavanagh was absolutely perfect as Carla. The younger versions of the characters do sound a little strange, because it's a bunch of adults trying to sound like 10-year-olds, but Bryce is the only one that really left me unconvinced. I'm sure he'll be much better once Eren's a little older in 2 episodes. Most of the main cast has yet to be introduced, but I thought the first episode was pretty decent.

    The main things that annoy me are some of the script changes to the dialogue.

    I don't know if you saw it, but Hope Chapman did a review of the dub for the first 5 episodes a few weeks ago:

    She highlights some of the main changes to the dialogue in the review and why it kind of rubs me the wrong way. It's not that they're speaking English and aren't mimicking the Japanese word-for-word, but that the changes actually go against the way the characters were originally written.

  • I loved it other then the opening hope they fix that next week but other then that I loved it

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