All digital down loads on vudu

  • i opened a vudu account a while back and turned all my dvds to digital. while on there i discovered funimation shows can be bought and downloaded digitally. i finally can purchase funimation shows with out the hassle of dvds. you can buy them in sd, hd and hdx. i thought everyone should no this if you are looking to buy but dont want to deal with the hassle of dvds any more. vudu is also connected to ultraviolet. so your whole collection of every thing you want is any where and every where you go. big fan of anime but not of dvds. now i have the best of both worlds.. they still get their money and you dont have to deal with dvd can take your whole collection around the world. and you can even download it to your devices to watch where w/o have to have internet

  • This have nothing to do with High School DxD and i'm pretty sure, you're just a spam bot >.<

  • Not a 'bot and what he says appears to be right, but definitely nothing to do with the subject at hand.

  • As mentioned, this has absolutely nothing to do with High School DxD.

    Moving this to the generic anime forum.

    EDIT: Also, it's Vudu, not "Vude".

  • has everything to do with high school dxd. i am a big fan of it and hope there will be a season 3. high school dxd is available on vudu along with many other titles from funimation. an active member of funimation since last yr. i forgot what thread i was on when i posted this and sorry if i made anyone mad. i meant to post this in general threads. again i am no bot just wanted to share what i enjoy with everyone else that enjoys funimation and no longer wanted to deal with the hassle of dvds. again did not mean to upset anyone whats so ever

  • thank for the correction on the spelling. was in a hurry the day i posted this

  • Haha no problem, I've had that happen to me before too.

    Nice for you to share, although I admit personally I like having the physical sets.

  • It's cool. Happens to the best of us. ~_^

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